Tyron Woodley’s top five MMA fights

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Yes, Tyron Woodley lost four straight fights to end his UFC contract and head into Sunday night's fight against Jake Paul.

However, prior to that skid, the former UFC welterweight champion delivered several electric moments as part of his impressive body of work as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Here, we revisit Woodley's top five MMA fights.

Making Darren Till tap; September 2018

Woodley found an opening to crush Till with a right hand that dropped the British fighter with a thud. A relentless onslaught of elbows and punches aided Woodley in grappling and eventually cinching Till in a Brabo choke that made the latter tap. Your winner and still welterweight champion — Tyron Woodley, who also gave Till his first taste of defeat within the confines of the UFC Octagon.

Getting the best of Stephen Thompson in a rematch; March 2017

Their first fight four months prior produced an anticlimactic majority draw, though Woodley thought he should have had his hand raised then. A more aggressive Woodley, who let his hands fly freely, made the difference in their rematch as he got the majority decision welterweight title defense.

Knocking out Robbie Lawler; July 2016

With the welterweight title on the line, Woodley pressed Lawler and detonated a vicious overhand right. The blow dropped Lawler with a thud against the Octagon, before Woodley put the finishing touches on him with five more right hands for the punctuating championship victory.

Stopping Carlos Condit; March 2014

Coming off the Knockout of the Night against Koscheck, Woodley found success taking down Condit and unloading a barrage of short right hands to the head. After the ref stood them back up, Woodley ricocheted a leg kick off Condit's knee. The strike instantly blew out Condit's knee, as he fell to the mat in a world of pain, giving Woodley the second-round TKO.

Obliterating Josh Koscheck; November 2013

Koscheck had just unloaded on an overhand right to the chest and Woodley's body bounced off the Octagon. But that success would prove to be shortlived, as Woodley rocked Koscheck with a right hook to the jaw, dropping him in a heap. Another stiff right hand shut off Koscheck's lights for the first-round KO. Just like that Woodley, demonstrated once again that he carries dynamite in his hands. The victory also earned him Knockout of the Night honors.



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