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Valentin Moldavsky vs. Linton Vassell: Keys to victory for both fighters

A.K Jones
Valentin Moldavsky vs. Linton Vassell: Keys to victory for both fightersDAZN
The PFL 2024 Regular Season continues.

The 2024 PFL Regular Season continues on Thursday, June 13 with the women's flyweights and the men's heavyweights. This is the last time the fighters will have a chance to earn points in hopes of continuing on to the PFL 2024 Playoffs, set for August. 

In the main event is former Bellator interim heavyweight champion Valentin Moldavsky taking on Linton Vassell. Both fighters are on opposite ends of the rankings with Moldavsky in the lead with six points and Vassell bringing up the rear with no points on the board. 

Here's what each fighter needs to do in hopes of getting their hand raised on Thursday night. 

Valentin Moldavsky's keys to victory

Don't do anything risky

With Moldavsky ranked so high, all he needs to do is win in order to advance. That said, he'll want to play it safe and not take any risks when it comes to the fight. It might not be fun for the fans but he did his job in round 1, so he can coast in round 2. 

Have fun

As mentioned before, Moldavsky isn't in dire need of a quick finish. If he can show off a bit of his wrestling and striking over three rounds, he should. He's above Vassell in skill level and should make this look fairly easy. 


If Moldavsky feels like he's in any danger he needs to go for the takedowns and hold Vassell on the canvas. The longer he controls the fight, the better chance for Moldavsky to win and eliminate Vassell from the season. 

Linton Vassell's keys to victory

Don't play it safe 

Vassell's last chance at advancing comes with a first or perhaps a second-round finish. A decision won't be enough. That means he has to play every card and do it quickly. He can't risk a technical fight going to the scorecards. He needs a finish. 

Avoid the takedowns

If he has any hope of a finish, the fight needs to remain on the feet. We hope he's been practising his sprawl technique, he's going to need it. 

Let the hands go

Vassell cannot hold anything back. He needs to come out of the first round swinging. And he can't stop. He needs to put so much pressure on Moldavsky that he won't have a moment to react. 

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