Floyd Mayweather Jr. should have a loss added to his record after this basketball cross

floyd-mayweather-070919-getty-ftr Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was one of the many participants Monday night in the Monster Energy $50K Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game, but he probably wishes he sat this one out.

At one point during the game, Mayweather was matched up against Bone Collector, a professional ball handling trainer. Bone Collector was showing off his skillset, and Mayweather was able to hang for a while. But then Bone Collector hit a nasty crossover, and sent the undefeated boxer flying.

The 50-0 boxer never really stood a chance.

At the end of the day, it was a fun moment in a game for charity. But that didn't stop Twitter from reacting to Mayweather's ankles being broken on the play. People who attended the game recorded multiple angles of the play, and several others offered their opinions.


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