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Keyshawn Davis plans world championship fight after clash against Juan Carlos Burgos

Keyshawn Davis plans world championship fight after clash against Juan Carlos BurgosDAZN

Emerging lightweight Keyshawn Davis believes he will soon be ready for a world title challenge.

The undefeated American will fight on the Teofimo Lopez undercard on Saturday night in New York, against Juan Carlos Burgos (US residents can watch on ESPN+ here).

Davis has fought just six times in his career so far but he thinks defeating the experienced Burgos would prove how far he has come.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the 23-year-old said: "I think I'm moving fast as hell. I think this is a big step up for me," he told Sky Sports.

"He's going to challenge me in ways I haven't been challenged before. Because professionally, this is my toughest opponent and he has a lot of experience. He's been in the ring with guys like Mikey Garcia, Devin Haney and a lot of former world champions. This is definitely a great step up for me to challenge myself and see if I can stop him as well.

"It's all about the performance. I just go in there and beat on him from round one to round eight and just look spectacular with no stoppage so if you go back to watch his other fights you could say Keyshawn beat him the best and this fight was action-packed [then] that's the type of mark I will always want to leave.

"If I stop him then my mark will be made. This guy has fought so many top fighters from different skill levels, to different power levels, to different speeds and he's just never been stopped. He's a tough guy but not only that. He also can fight. He's not in there thinking he's going to lose, he's in there trying to win and trying to pull off upsets.

"Stoppage or not, I'm going to put on a great performance. I think I'm going to outdo every opponent he fought, by stoppage or not. But if I do stop him then that's just going to speak for itself."

Davis believes that winning in New York would set him up for a title challenge.

"This fight is the switch from prospect to contender," he continued. "Lightweight is definitely where I want to get my world titles no matter who has the belts. That's just what I'm gunning for.

"This is the first time I'm saying it publicly. After I win my world title at 135lbs and I defend, I want to challenge some guys at 140lbs as well.

"Because I'm a big 135lbs and I carry my power and a lot of the 135lb guys are going to 140lbs so the landscape is still the same. After I win my world title at 135lbs, you guys at 140 - be ready.

"Losses are not going to mean anything. Look at Teofimo Lopez, he's still headlining at MSG. Nobody really cares about the Kambosos fight and him losing, they just want to see Teofimo Lopez fight. That's really what it should be about. Putting on great fights, putting on big fights and just keeping boxing alive.

"Them guys at the top, they know me. They know what's to come. It's up to me to keep doing what I'm doing to get there to fight those guys."

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