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What makes the perfect MMA staredown? Dan Hardy explains all

What makes the perfect MMA staredown? Dan Hardy explains allDAZN

The final staredown at the weigh-in for any major MMA event sets the tone ahead of what will hopefully be an action packed fight. 

It gives fans one last chance to see their heroes engage in psychological warfare as they look to gain the upper hand ahead of stepping into the cage. 

Over the past few years, fighters have often tried to bring something different to the scales to not only enhance their brand, but also catch their opponent offguard. 

One of those was Dan Hardy and when speaking on The DAZN MMA Show, he explained how to produce the perfect staredown along with what he did in attempt to unsettle his opponent. 

"It’s always been an interesting dynamic with staredowns because I always feel like it’s different no matter what when you’re staring down against someone you know you’re about to fight," Hardy said. 

"Fans want to come up and get the staredown picture, I try and give them the same type of intensity so they get that little bit of adrenalin rush, ultimately it’s never the same.

"First of all, you need to let them know through your eyes that you’re going to absolutely murder them, that’s the energy I’m putting into them through my eyes.

"But I also try and not give them too much about how I’m feeling. Something I used to do at weigh-ins, I often used to wear contact lenses. It’s a bit of a shield between me and my opponent’s eyes."

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