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Is Kenny Omega bringing in help from Japan? 3 stars who could assist The Cleaner

Is Kenny Omega bringing in help from Japan? 3 stars who could assist The CleanerDAZN

When AEW Double or Nothing went off the air last month, Kenny Omega informed the crowd he would be calling on some friends after he was attacked by Konosuke Takeshita. 

On the following Dynamite, Adam Page hinted that Omega could be in Japan when he stated that his Elite comrade was out of the country but not in Canada. 

If Omega is indeed in Japan, DAZN looks at who the Winnipeg native could be there to see as he looks to combat the threat of many performers in the AEW locker room. 

Kazuchika Okada 

The long history between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada has provided wrestling fans with some of the greatest matches of all time. With Omega desperate for backup against his many enemies in AEW, could he once again extend the hand of friendship to his big rival? 

The pair teamed up at New Year’s Dash in Japan earlier this year so it’s clearly obvuous that respect exists between the two men. They defeated Jeff Cobb and Aaron Henare, but could biggest tests await The Cleaner and The Rainmaker? 

Kota Ibushi 

Friends for well over 10 years, Omega and Kota Ibushi, The Golden Lovers, have taken part in some memorable encounters in Japan. Although fully immersed with The Elite in AEW, Omega has spoken of calling in friends from Japan and they don’t get more friendlier than The Golden Lovers. 

It’s been a while since the pair were last in action together but with Omega facing threats from several potential rivals, is Ibushi the man to help settle some old scores with the likes of Don Callis and the Blackpool Combat Club? 

Will Ospreay 

Perhaps the biggest threat to Omega’s reputation as the world’s best in ring performer is Will Ospreay. The pair stole the show at this year’s Wrestle Kingdom, and they could share the ring once again this summer. 

Has Ospreay impressed Omega enough to provide back-up to the talented Canadian? Omega has relied on former rivals in the past and he could do a lot worse than asking Ospreay to have his back in the months to come. 

However Callis has warned that he is putting together a 'family' of wrestlers, not just Takeshita, to end The Elite once and for all. So there's a chance that if Omega reaches out to Ospreay for help, he could be betrayed once again...

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