How to watch DAZN on Amazon Fire Tablet

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Fire HDFire HD (6")
Fire HD (7")
Fire HD (8")
Fire HD (10")
Fire HD (8")Fire HD (8")
Fire HD (10")
Fire HDXFire HDX (8.9")XXX

Download and install the DAZN app
Please go through the following steps on your Amazon Fire Tablet:
  1. Open ‘Apps’ on your Amazon Fire Tablet
  2. Use the search field and enter DAZN
  3. Click on the ‘DAZN app’ and follow the instructions to install
If you need additional information, please visit the Amazon support site.

Update your DAZN app
Your Amazon Fire Tablet will update your apps automatically and there is nothing you need to do in order to update your apps. In case you have deactivated automatic updates please go through the steps below to check for manual updates:
  1. Select ‘Apps’
  2. Select ‘Store’
  3. Click ‘Menu’ at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select ‘My Apps’ (App updates)
  5. Click ‘Update Available’
  6. If available, click ‘Update’
You can find information on how to update your device on the Amazon support page

Sign up with Amazon in-app payment 
  1. Go to the DAZN app
  2. Select ‘Sign Up’
  3. Select your payment plan
  4. Create an account with DAZN
  5. Confirm your email marketing preferences
  6. When prompted, confirm your subscription
  7. When prompted, click 'Done'

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