Issue with video when watching DAZN (Error codes 65-003-400 / 65-067-400, 65-003-404 / 65-069-404, 11-003-011 / 11-064-011, 11-012-012)

You may be having trouble watching DAZN because you’re using an old version of DAZN, or because you may need to refresh the video content. Please try the following steps:

•    Try playing another video first, then try playing this one again 
•    Reload DAZN on your browser or restart the DAZN app 
•    If you're on web, update your browser. Check which web browsers are supported by DAZN here
•    If you’re on mobile, update your app 
•    After you’ve completed the update, reload DAZN on your browser or restart the app. Then try to play the video again.
If your video still isn’t working, please contact customer support for help.

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