How to watch DAZN on Android phones and tablets

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Android Devices running operating systems 5.0 and above

Download and install the DAZN app
Please follow the steps below to install the DAZN app:
  1. Sign into the Google Play Store (Ensure your device is connected to internet)
  2. Use the search function and enter DAZN, or look in the sport section of the Google Play Store
  3. Follow the instructions on your TV to install the DAZN app.
Update your DAZN app 
You can manually check for updates by going through the steps below:
  1. Go to the Play Store
  2. In the Play Store, click the ‘Menu.’
  3. Select 'My Apps & Games'
  4. If available, clickUpdate’ to install the latest version of DAZN.

Sign up on your Android Phone, or Tablet 
Please follow the steps below to sign up for a DAZN Membership:

  1. Go to the DAZN app.
  2. Click 'Sign Up'
  3. Enter your personal details on next page.
  4. Enter your preferred payment method & payment details.

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