Price Rise-Global

What is the new pricing at DAZN?
Following the initial introductory offer that has been in place since our 2020 launch, the monthly subscription cost was updated on January 11 in Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan & South Korea - in line with the rapidly growing portfolio of live sport and original programming that is available to subscribers. The new monthly price point will vary from market to market. 

When did the price change?
  • The price for new subscribers was changed on 11 January. This change was made for all new subscribers signing up via DAZN, Apple & Google.
  • All existing DAZN & Apple subscribers will pay the new monthly pricing at their next billing date from 11 February onwards.
  • All existing Google subscribers will pay the new monthly pricing at their next billing date from 18 February onwards.
  • All subscribers can view their next billing date in My Account.

In which countries did / will the pricing proposition be changing?
The initial introductory offer is being updated to the new pricing proposition in markets all over the world.

What can I watch in my market?
You can enjoy 50+ boxing events + nonstop access to top sporting events and competitions, innovative leagues, and 24/7 channels from a multitude of sports including boxing, MMA, wrestling, men’s and women’s soccer, extreme sports, motorsports, golf, and more.

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