How to watch DAZN on Apple TV

All you need to know to watch DAZN on your Apple TV
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Watch DAZN on your Apple TV (Back to top)
To get the best experience watching DAZN on your Apple TV make sure to install the DAZN app. This is possible for all users on an Apple TV 4th generation. If you are using an older Apple TV you can still enjoy DAZN on your television. Simply use the AirPlay feature to broadcast to our Apple TV.  More information on how to use AirPlay can be found on the Apple support page.

Download and install the DAZN app (Back to top)
To download and install the DAZN app please go through the following steps on your Apple TV:
  • On the Apple TV home screen, go to the App store
  • Select "search" and enter "DAZN" into the search box.
  • Select the DAZN icon and follow the instructions to install

Update your DAZN app (Back to top)
By default apps are set to update automatically on Apple TV. If you want to check manually for an update please follow the steps below:
  • On the homescreen launch the app store
  • Select purchased on the top menu
  • Click on the DAZN app
  • Click on the update button to see if an update is available

Sign up on your Apple TV (Back to top)
Please follow the steps below:
  • Please start the DAZN app on your Apple TV
  • Click on the Sign up button
  • Please follow the instructions on your Apple TV to create your Account (On Apple TV you will have each single field separately)
  • Confirm your payment via iTunes for your DAZN account

If you prefer to sign up with another payment method, simply go to and follow the instructions to start your subscription. Once you signed up, you can use the same credentials to sign in on your Apple TV.

Additional information for your Apple TV (Back to top)
  • For the best DAZN experience make sure that your Apple TV is up to date. You can find information on how to update your Apple TV on the Apple support site.
  • We highly recommend to use an ethernet cable to connect your Apple TV to your router to eliminate streaming issues caused due to unstable Wi-Fi signal. Depending on your device model this might not be possible though.

Supported models (Back to top)
  • Apple TV 4th Generation (2015, or newer)

Unsupported models (Back to top)
  • Apple TV 1st to 3rd Generation

Cancel your DAZN subscription (Back to top)
On your Apple TV, you can manage your subscription by going to Settings > Accounts > Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions. Alternatively you can go to your iTunes account on your computer. Go to Account > View my Account and within the Subscriptions page, select Manage. 

How to reactivate your DAZN subscription on your Apple device (Back to top)
Please follow the steps below to reactivate your DAZN subscription:
  • Open the DAZN app on your device
  • On the bottom of your DAZN app click on "Sign in"
  • On the sign in page click on "Restore purchase" at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your Apple ID password (Make sure that they are signed in with the same Apple ID used to make the purchase)
  • Touch Ok

Troubleshoot your device (Back to top)
  • Restart your Apple TV
    • There are several ways on how you can restart your Apple TV if necessary. You will find detailed instructions on the Apple support site.

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