Watch Party

What is Watch Party? 

With Watch Party, you can watch live events with your friends and family when you’re not together in person. You can use camera and audio to see and talk to your friends as the action unfolds. There’s also a chat function for you to message the group.  

What can I watch? 

You can watch any live event on DAZN. (Note that Watch Party works for live events only, not live channels.) The stream of the event will be synchronized to show at the same time for everyone, so no spoilers. 

How many people can use Watch Party at the same time? 

You can have up to four people watching the same event on a Watch Party.  

 What devices can I use Watch Party on? 

You can watch it on your laptop or PC on  

 How do I use Watch Party? 

Step 1 – start the event 

Select any live event. Then select the ‘Watch Party' option that you’ll find beneath the video player. 

 Step 2 – join room 

The video stream will re-load with spaces for you and up to 3 friends along the bottom. Select “Join room”. 

Step 3 – video and audio 

Select your preferred camera & audio settings and choose a display name to join the room. 
Step 4 – invite a friend 

To add a friend to the room, select the ‘Add friend’ option on one of the empty spaces along the bottom of the video. Then copy the link and send it to your friend.  

 Step 5 – start watching 

The stream will be synchronized so that everyone watches at the same time, meaning no spoilers.  

 How can I get the best playback experience?  
  • Use a supported web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge)  
  • Make sure your DAZN account is registered in the same country as the friends you’re watching the event with  
  • Close any other applications running on your laptop or PC  
  • Disconnect any external monitor  
  • Use headphones to avoid sound feedback into your microphone 
  • View in full screen – select the ‘full screen’ option in the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.  

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