Las Vegas Raiders clinch playoff spot with last-second victory in overtime

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The Las Vegas Raiders were 6-7 and on the outside looking in of the playoffs. But, they needed everything to go right to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Everything was going their way as they were up 29-14 in the fourth quarter. But then the Chargers roared back by converting one fourth down, culminating with Justin Herbert, who threw for 364 yards, zipped his third and final touchdown pass of the game to Mike Williams with no time left to send the game to overtime.

After exchanging field goals in the final period, the clock was running down to zero. If the game ended in a tie, both teams would make the playoffs, and the Pittsburgh Steelers would be eliminated. Instead, the Chargers called a timeout. The Raiders brought out field goal kicker Daniel Carlson, who'd already made four field goals. Carlson never missed a field goal inside Allegiant Stadium. And he didn't miss here as he connected on a 47-yard field goal with no time remaining to send the Raiders into the playoffs with a 35-32 victory. The Raiders (10-7) now head to Cincinnati to take on the AFC North champion Bengals on Saturday. The Bengals defeated the Raiders 32-13 on Nov. 21

"It definitely did obviously", Carr, who threw for 186 yards and two touchdowns, said in his post-game interview about whether the Chargers calling a timeout changing their strategy.

Here is what happened between the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers.


Carslon kicks Raiders into the playoffs

With no time remaining, Carlson makes a 47-yard field goal to win the game 35-32 to send the Raiders into the playoffs for the first time since 2016.  

Two-minute warning

We are at the two-minute warning and the game is tied at 32. The Raiders are in Chargers territory. Can the Raiders turn it into a victory?

Chargers tie it up

Hopkins comes right out and splits the uprights with a 41-yard field goal to tie it up at 32. Next score wins the game.

Chargers convert another fourth down

On fourth and nine, Herbert slings another ball to Williams, who runs to the 27-yard line of the Raiders. That's the sixth fourth-down conversion for the Chargers.

Bad penalty by the Chargers

Herbert completes a 31-yard pass to Cook but there's a penalty on the Chargers and the play is nullified. 

Raiders get 3

Carlson makes a 40-yard field goal to give the Raiders a 32-29 lead with 7:09 left.

Jacobs explodes for big runs

Jacobs plows for a 28-yard run to get to the Chargers 47. On the next play, Jacobs runs for another 18 to the Chargers 29. 

Raiders win coin toss to start OT

Raiders win the coss toss and get the ball to begin overtime. If they score a touchdown, they win the game. 

If it ends in a tie, both teams make the playoffs.

Chargers tie game; going to overtime

With no time remaining, Herbert throws a bullet to a double-covered Mike Williams for a touchdown. The extra point is good and we are going to overtime. An unbelievable comeback by the Chargers. What are the Pittsburgh Steelers thinking?   

Bad time for Raiders penalty

On fourth down, it's an incomplete pass by Herbert to Cook. But there's a holding call on the Raiders and it's automatic first down for the Chargers. They are escaping by the skin of their teeth.

Successful fourth down conversion for Chargers

Somehow, some way, Herbert gets it done on fourth down. Herbert rolls out and finds Keenan Allen, who gets 10 yards for a first down. You can cut the drama with a knife. 

Two-minute warning

We are at the two-minute warning as the Raiders are up 29-22 over the Chargers, who have the ball.

Chargers nearly get a turnover

On third down, Chargers star defensive end Joey Bosa forces a fumble on Carr. The Chargers have the ball for a moment but it comes out and the Raiders end up recovering and are forced to punt. Big break for the Raiders.

Chargers cut the lead to one score

On fourth and 21, Herbert fires to Josh Palmer for a 23-yard touchdown to make it a nine-point game. Then the Chargers go for two. Herbert looks around, around and around until his finds his fifth option in Ekeler to make it a seven-point game with 4:28 to go as the Raiders are up 29-22. You knew it would come down to the final couple of minutes.  

Call is reversed

The call is reversed and the Chargers keep the ball. It's first and 10 at the Raiders 12 with 4:57 left in the game.

Chargers are short

Fourth and six, Herbert connects with Williams. He catches the ball on his knees and tries to stretch over the marker and is touched. The chains are brought up and it is deemed short. For now, it's the Raiders ball as the Chargers are challenging the call by the officials.

Raiders tack on more

Daniel Carlson boots a 52-yard field goal to extend the Raiders lead to 29-14 with 8:23 to go in the game. The Chargers need touchdowns and in a hurry.

INT by Herbert

On third down, Herbert attempts a deep ball to Mike Williams but it is off the mark and intercepted by Casey Heyward. That is only the Raiders sixth interception of the season. Now the Raiders can run off some more clock.  

Raiders extend their lead

On third and goal, Carr slings a two-yard touchdown to Renfrow for his second touchdown of the game. The Raiders miss a the two-point conversion and its a 26-14 Raiders lead early in the fourth quarter.  

End of three

At the end of the third quarter, the Raiders lead the Chargers 20-14. The Raiders are on the verge of widening the lead as they are on the Chargers two-yard line.

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