Tommy Fury: Jake Paul won't fight anyone who could beat him

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Tommy Fury does not believe that Jake Paul is foolish enough to face any fighter who could credibly challenge him.

Fury and Paul have exchanged words over the past year as the celebrity boxers test the waters over a potential fight.

Fury’s next fight is this Saturday, when he faces Jordan Grant on Saturday evening. Paul meanwhile will presumably attend Sunday’s show between Floyd Mayweather and his brother, Logan Paul. He has announced he will follow up his most recent fight, against former UFC star Ben Askren, against another UFC veteran - Tyron Woodley - on August 1.

Tyson Fury’s younger brother boasts a 5-0 record, with four KOs, but has yet to meet an opponent who could give him serious respect from boxing fans.

The British light heavyweight said: “If Jake Paul gets in the ring with me it will be dangerous for him, but keep fighting these clowns he’s fighting and it’s not going to be dangerous for him.

“He is a cunning man. He has earned a lot of money and if there was any chance of Tyron Woodley beating Jake Paul that contract wouldn’t have got signed.

“Why would Jake Paul put himself in a position where he is going to get knocked spark out? He is not going to fight anybody who will test him because he doesn’t need to.

“He is making a fortune from YouTube. Why is he going to get his teeth knocked out for nothing? 

“These MMA guys like Woodley and his last opponent Ben Askren will fight him all day long. They earn £300,000 for MMA and can get three or four million for fighting him.

“If it comes it comes because it is easy money. I am not going to focus on Jake Paul. Saturday night is where my mind is and I have a job to do.”

Frank Warren, who promotes Fury as well as his WBC championship sibling, is clearly open to fight with Paul, presumably because of the money his name brings at the moment.

“I appreciate what Jake Paul has done with no amateur experience and all these followers,” Warren said.

“He has monetised that through boxing and good luck to him, but if he wants to fight Tommy that fight is there every day of the week.

“The level Tommy is at now is a level above Jake. If Jake wants that fight, he isn’t even pushing an open door. The hinges are off and he just needs to walk in and we will do it.

“I will carry Tommy there for the fight. It’s a no-brainer and the general public will watch it. Tommy also has a big following, is Tyson Fury’s brother and brings a lot to the table.”

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