How can I control how much data DAZN uses?

You can control how much data DAZN uses when streaming on mobile networks and WiFi on your iOS or Android mobile devices.

What is Data Capping for mobile?
The Data Capping feature allows you to reduce the amount of data that the DAZN app consumes when streaming content. There are two options:
  • Save data on 3G/4G/LTE
  • Save data on WiFi

When either are enabled, it will decrease the quality of a stream to reduce the amount of data that is used (approximately 400mb worth of data consumed per hour).

How do I set my data to be capped so that I can save data when streaming on DAZN?
To set a data cap to either your mobile network data or WiFi, please follow these steps
  1. When in the DAZN app, select the "Menu" button (On Android it is the Menu_button button, on iOS it is the "Menu" button in the bottom navigation bar) 
  2. Select "Data Saver"
  3. Select your preferred setting

Data setting changes you make from your mobile device apply to that device only while streaming over mobile networks or WiFi. While connected to Wi-Fi, we will attempt to stream in the highest quality possible for your connection speed and the content you´re watching.

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