Managing and switching between your devices

Your DAZN subscription lets you watch on different devices like your TV, computer, mobile and more – so you can stream on the go or at home. 
Switching your device while watching DAZN 
If you’re watching on your TV (for example) but want to switch to mobile or to another device, it’s easy to do this. Start the stream on your mobile or the other device, and then close DAZN on your TV within 2 minutes to experience uninterrupted playback on the device you want to switch to. If you do not stop the first device in 2 minutes, we will show you a pop-up message with your options. This message will remind you to close the stream you’re watching elsewhere in order to watch on your current device. You may also be able to upgrade or add an extra stream to your plan. 

* this is limited to access from 1 location (1 IP).

Managing devices in My Account 
Go to ‘Manage your devices’ under My Account to see a list of devices that your account is being used on, whether for playback or for browsing content and sports data. 
If you don’t recognize a device, you’ll be able to sign out on that device from this page. 
After you sign out of a device you don't recognize, we recommend changing your password for extra security.  


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