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You can only use PayPal to sign up to DAZN via web.  Simply create a DAZN account at, providing your name, email and setting a password. Then, on the payment page select the ‘Continue to PayPal’ link. 

You will arrive on the standard PayPal checkout page within the same tab.  Once you are signed into your PayPal account, you can review and confirm your payment. 

On completion of the payment, the page will refresh to take you back to DAZN.  At this point, your subscription will be started and you can start watching sports immediately.

You will also receive two emails:
  • Welcome email from DAZN - You will receive an email confirming the start of your subscription. It will tell you the date and the price of your first payment.
  • Confirmation email from PayPal - On your first payment date you will receive a payment receipt stating the amount paid. Then each time you are charged using PayPal, you will receive the same email from PayPal.  You will not receive further emails from DAZN with each subsequent payment.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to sign-up to DAZN using PayPal? (back to top)
Yes. If you do not have a PayPal account but want to pay with PayPal, you will be given the option to create a PayPal account after selecting PayPal as your payment method. You will need to provide your credit card or bank details to create a PayPal account.

What happens if my PayPal payment method expires, or I have insufficient funds in my linked account? (back to top)
If your payment details have expired, or you do not have sufficient funds in your selected account, then PayPal will prompt you to update these when you attempt to sign up for DAZN.

What happens if one of my monthly or annual payments through PayPal declined? (back to top)
DAZN will send you an email to notify you of this as soon as your payment is declined.  This email will inform you that your payment could not be taken, and will contain a link to My Account where you can fix up your payment details. You will have 2 days to fix up your payment details with PayPal or select a different payment method before you lose access to DAZN.
You will receive two emails to confirm any issues with your payment:
  • Payment declined from DAZN - This email will confirm that your payment has been declined
  • Successful Payment from DAZN - This email will confirm a successful payment was taken within the 2 day mentioned above

I had an error when signing up for DAZN via PayPal. What now? (back to top)
If your PayPal payment fails for any reason during DAZN sign-up, you will be notified of this via a banner and redirected back to DAZN payment page that you came from. At this point you can try again or choose a different payment method.

If you experience any errors within the PayPal payment pages themselves, such as an error when logging into your PayPal account, then you will see the standard PayPal errors.

I selected to pay for DAZN via PayPal, but now that I am on the PayPal screen, I’d like to use a different payment method instead.  How do I do this? (back to top)
Simply select to ‘Cancel’ on any PayPal page.  You will be automatically redirected to the DAZN payment page that you came from.  Here, you can select another payment method or try again with PayPal. 

Will my PayPal account automatically be charged every month? (back to top)
Yes, your PayPal account will be debited monthly.  

Can I delay my payment (a new option in PayPal - ‘pay after delivery’)? (back to top)
No. Since you can use DAZN immediately upon sign-up, you cannot select this option. 

How do I change my payment method to PayPal? (back to top)
Simply sign into My Account (  When logged in, go to My Account and under the Payment section, select ‘Change payment method’. This will take effect from your next payment date. 

You will receive two emails to confirm this:
  • Confirmation of changes from DAZN - This email will confirm that you have changed your payment method.
  • Confirmation of changes from PayPal - On your next payment date you will receive a payment receipt stating the amount paid. Then each time you are charged using PayPal, you will receive the same email from PayPal.

I pay via a third party (such as Apple, Amazon) how do I change my payment method to or from PayPal? (back to top)
Customers who pay via a third party such as Apple or Amazon cannot change their payment method to PayPal via My Account.  If you currently pay for DAZN via a third party and wish to switch to PayPal, then you can cancel your DAZN account and resubscribe via PayPal.

Where can I see a summary of the payments that DAZN has taken via PayPal? (back to top)
You can go to My Account ( and select Payment History.  A new page will open where you can see each DAZN payment and the method that you used for that payment.  

You can also visit your PayPal account where you can see all of your PayPal transactions. DAZN will be listed as ‘DAZN’.

How do I cancel my subscription? (back to top)
Simply go to My Account and select to ‘Cancel Subscription’, the same as you would using any other payment method. 

When you successfully cancel your subscription, you will receive one email:
  • Confirmation of changes from DAZN - Confirmation from DAZN that you have cancelled your subscription. You will continue to have access to DAZN till the end of your paid for month - we will tell you when this is.

You will not receive an email from PayPal if you cancel your subscription from My Account in DAZN. You will only receive an email from PayPal if you cancel your payment to DAZN from within PayPal itself.  

Can I sign-up with/change payment method to PayPal on any device? (back to top)
You can only sign-up with/change your DAZN payment method to PayPal through the website or on mobile, tablet and desktop. However, you can manage your Paypal account on all devices supported by Paypal.

Can I sign-up to DAZN using a Gift Code and pay via PayPal? (back to top)
Yes, you can use a Gift Code and use PayPal as payment.

I have a PayPal payment method that is based in a country that is different from the country I am signing up to DAZN from.  Can I still sign-up using PayPal? (back to top)
Yes, if you live in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and your billing address is also either Germany, Austria or Switzerland then your payment method will be approved. If you live outside of these countries and in a DAZN supported region, your billing address must be within the same country that you are signing up from.

Can I pause my subscription using Paypal? (back to top)
Yes, you can use the pause function within your account.

Will I see my PayPal ID within My Account in DAZN? (back to top)
Yes, this will be presented in My Account within your payment history section. The PayPal ID will be displayed but masked, meaning only the last 4 digits are visible. 

I have PayPal as a payment method, can I change my payment method to a different PayPal account? (back to top)
Yes, simply select the ‘Change payment method’ within My Account.

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