EU Portability

What is EU portability? 

EU portability means you can watch DAZN from your home country even when you’re abroad in other EEA  countries. For example, if you live in Italy and don’t want to miss your favourite sporting event, but you’re travelling in Austria where Italian sport isn’t available on DAZN, EU portability means you can still watch it.      

If you’re using DAZN in other countries with EU portability, you’ll see what you’d usually see at home. If you’re travelling outside the EU or don’t have EU portability, you’ll see live and on-demand sports that’s usually available in the country you’re in. This applies to Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein the USA, Canada and Japan. 
Check if your subscription includes EU portability in My Account.  You can access My Account from anywhere. Just go to
Countries with EU portability
If you’ve got EU  portability included in your subscription,    you can watch DAZN in any of the following countries. You’ll be able to watch the sports you’d see in your own country.   

•    Austria
•    Belgium
•    Bulgaria
•    Croatia
•    Republic of Cyprus
•    Czech Republic
•    Denmark
•    Estonia
•    Finland
•    France
•    Germany
•    Greece
•    Hungary
•    Iceland
•    Ireland
•    Italy
•    Latvia
•    Liechtenstein
•    Lithuania
•    Luxembourg
•    Malta
•    Netherlands
•    Norway
•    Poland
•    Portugal
•    Romania
•    Slovakia
•    Slovenia
•    Spain
•    Sweden. (-)


Troubleshooting EU portability

If you’re experiencing any issues with EU portability, some of these common troubleshooting tips might help.    
What to do if you've been denied EU portability
EU portability is controlled by specific regulations. When you sign up, your account will be subject to automatic checks. If you do not have a valid, recurring payment method linked to your account, such as if you signed up with a code or gift card and didn’t add a payment method, you might be denied EU portability. 
We cannot manually adjust this after you have registered with us. To try and avoid this, make sure to add a valid payment method to your account when you sign up. 
How to access DAZN while you’re in another country.
You can use DAZN as normal in other countries. If you’re already signed in, just open the app and start watching. If you’re not signed in, sign in through your browser or app and you can continue as normal.
Signing up to DAZN from other EU countries with EU portability
You’ll need to sign up to DAZN from the country where you live permanently. EU portability is currently available for EEA countries. 
DAZN account creation from other countries for customers that have DAZN included in their provider´s price
You will have to create a DAZN account in the country where you have signed up to DAZN through your provider
Where to download the DAZN app from
If you’re a Google Play Store user, you can download the DAZN app while on any network in a country where DAZN is available.
If you’re an App Store user, you can download the DAZN app if you’re logged into an Apple    account for any country where DAZN is live. 
We’d recommend installing the DAZN app before you travel. Or you can watch DAZN through your web browser in any EU country.
Resubscribing after a break with DAZN
If you’ve paused your subscription or are resubscribing after a cancellation, you won’t need to be verified when you reactivate your account. 
EU portability verification happens automatically when you resubscribe, so you won’t need to do anything. 


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