Subscription Changes

How do I change my plan down a subscription level?  

If you pay for DAZN directly you can change to a lower plan by logging into ‘My Account’. Under the ‘Manage Subscription’ section, select ‘Change Plan’ to speak to one of our experts who can find the right plan for you.  

However, if you pay for your DAZN subscription via a third party, such as Google or Apple, to change subscription plan you will have to access the subscription section in your relevant app store.  


Can I change my plan down at any time?  

If you are on a monthly (30 day) subscription, you can request to change your plan to a lower subscription at any time by speaking to one of our experts.  If you have an annual plan either by paying upfront or in monthly instalments, you can do this within the last 90 days of your current subscription period.  

You can change your plan via the Manage Subscription section of My Account, selecting ‘Change Plan’ to speak to one of our experts.  


Will my plan change take effect immediately?  

Any plan change to a lower plan will come into effect at the next renewal date of your current subscription. If you pay monthly, this will be on the next monthly billing date. For annual subscriptions, paying upfront or in monthly instalments, any plan change will come into effect at the end of the annual contract.  

Your plan will remain unchanged until your renewal date. You can continue to access your current plan details, payment & billing information, and other subscription details within the subscription tab in My Account. Your new plan details will be reflected only at your next subscription renewal date.  


What if I change my mind?  

You can cancel your plan change via ‘My Account’ at any time up until the day before your subscription renewal date. Simply select one of the ‘Cancel Plan Change’ options in the subscription tab of ‘My Account.’  If you cancel the change, you will stay on the same plan you are currently on. It can take a few minutes for your account to show this change.  


Are there other ways I can change my plan down?  

From time to time, we may inform you of the offers on our products and services that may result in your plan moving to a lower subscription level. Any change in plan down will be reflected at your subscription renewal date.  


Can I still make changes to my subscription whilst my change down is in progress?  

While your plan is in the process of being changed, we will limit some capability in My Account such as Change Plan upgrade and changing how you pay for your subscription.  

To get access to these features you would first need to cancel your change plan down via My Account before you can make further changes to your subscription.  

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