VPN Blocking

What is a VPN?
VPN stands for Virtual Proxy Network. It’s a tool that assigns you a new IP address and allows you to “geo-spoof” your location in order to access internet-based services denied to you based on your geographical location. When your DAZN app loads, it checks your IP address and if you are in a supported country, we allow you to access the service. 
Why are you seeing an error mentioning using a VPN?
If our systems have detected that you are accessing DAZN using a VPN, you’ll be notified and restricted from accessing the service and watching content. In order to access DAZN you must not be using a VPN.
Why are we stopping you from using DAZN with a VPN?
DAZN is only available in a limited number of countries. The sports we show come with strict controls around the country they can be broadcast in. Therefore, we have to restrict access to users trying to view DAZN from outside these countries and as a result are blocking VPN users who are not authorised to view content due to the country they reside in. 
If I’m a German customer, can I access the Japanese version of DAZN using a VPN?
We only allow users to access the service without using a VPN, regardless if you’re from a supported country. 
DAZN is blocking me, but I’m convinced I’m not using a VPN
Public networks, such as hotels or hotspots, often use a VPN for their own protection. Therefore, make sure you are connected to a private network or use mobile data on your phone.

Some browser extensions, as well as activation programs, also use built-in VPNs, which may be responsible for this error message. Try deactivating these programs and then try again.

If these steps do not help, contact your internet service provider for assistance.

I can’t use DAZN anymore and want to cancel my account 
You can manage your account by accessing www.dazn.com


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