Managing your devices 

When you sign up for DAZN, depending on the details of your membership, you can register up to 6 devices to your account. This means you’ll be able to watch DAZN on any of them at any time, giving you live and on-demand sport whenever you want it. Also depending on the details of your membership, you can watch up to 2 streams simultaneously across your registered devices – so, while you’re watching one sport on your phone, you can stay up to date with another event on your tablet. 
Any devices that you watch DAZN on will be automatically registered to your account, providing you have a free slot available. This means there’s no action you need to take to register that device. However, if you try to watch DAZN on a new device, and you already have reached the maximum number of devices you can register per your membership, you’ll need to follow the steps to manage your registered devices: 
Manage your devices in My Account 
•    Sign in to your DAZN account on a web browser or on the app. 
•    Go to ‘Menu’ and select ‘My Account’. 
•    Select ‘Sign Out’ from the My Account menu. 
•    You’ll now be on the ‘Manage devices’ page. You can see how many devices you can register according to your subscription, and how many are currently registered to your account. 
•    If you have reached the maximum number of devices, you’ll need to remove one to add another. Select ‘Remove’ next to the device you want to unregister and confirm it. 
•    To add a new device, simply start watching DAZN on that device, it will automatically be registered. 
•    At the bottom you can also logout of all your registered devices with one click.  
That’s all there is to it! You can now watch live and on-demand sport on your newly registered device. 

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