Gilberto Ramirez drops Sullivan Barrera three times to win by fourth-round knockout; wants Dmitry Bivol next

Gilberto Zurdo Ramirez, Oscar de la Hoya, Bernard Hopkins Golden Boy Promotions

How would Gilberto Ramirez fare in his biggest test to date when he faced Sullivan Barrera on Friday night from the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif.?

"Zurdo" passed with flying colors as he pounded away at the body of Barrera to send him to the canvas three times, including twice in the final round with body shots to win via knockout at the 1:38 mark of the fourth round. DAZN News had the fight scored 30-26 for Ramirez at the time of the stoppage. 

"(I) think my performance was great," Ramirez told DAZN's Chris Mannix in his post-fight interview. "(Dmitry) Bivol, you’re next."

Ramirez came out tentative and looked to be trying to process what Barrera was going to do and how he would attack. Then, Ramirez started finding a home with the left hand upstairs and to the body in the second round. 

The body work paid off in the final moments of the third round when Ramirez landed a picture-perfect body shot to the liver to send Barrera crumbling to the canvas. To Barrera's credit, he made it back to his feet and the round. But that didn't last long. 

Barrera began the round like nothing had happened in the previous round by landing a solid right hand. The shot was all Ramirez needed to see. He saw an opening in Ramirez and landed a thudding right to the body to send Barrera crippling to the canvas yet again. Barrera made it up, but the look in his eyes showed he wasn't going to be on his feet for long. 

Barrera tried to fight back with another right, but Ramirez wasn't going to be deterred. He pounded Barrera every which way, and one final body shot sent Barrera back down for the final time, and the fight was waved off. 

Ramirez (42-0, 28 KOs) didn't waste too much time on who he wanted next. Despite only having three fights in the light heavyweight division, Ramirez made it abundantly clear that he wants the reigning WBA (super) light heavyweight titleholder the next time he competes.

"You have to ask him (Bivol), is he ready for me?"

Here is what happened at Gilberto Ramirez vs. Sullivan Barrera. 





Gilberto Ramirez notches biggest win at 175 pounds

Ramirez def. Barrera via knockout at 1:38 of the fourth round.

Barrera had a strong start to the round with a good right hand. Ramirez saw an opening and pounded a straight right to the body and sends Barrera to the canvas. Barrera makes it up and says he's alright. Ramirez went for the finish. He lands a right to the body while Barrera lands a right of his own. Ramirez unloads another combination to send Barrera down one last time and the fight is waved off.

Ramirez-Barrera; Round 3

Right hand for Barrera. Ramirez narrowly misses three uppercuts. Hard left by Ramirez. A left clips Ramirez. Barrera getting on the inside and lands a good uppercut to the body to send Ramirez back. 

A body shot to liver catches Barrera who crumbles to the canvas. Ramirez is going for the finish and attacks the body but Barrera makes it to the bell. (10-8 Ramirez, 30-26 Ramirez) 

Ramirez-Barrera; Round 2

Combination by Barrera. Hard two-punch combination for Ramirez. A right uppercut snaps Barrera's head back. Barrera comes right back with a right of his own. A left to the body and then smack in the face by Ramirez. Hard left to the body for Ramirez. Nice body shot for Barrera. (10-9 Ramirez, 20-18 Ramirez)

Ramirez-Barrera; Round 1

Not much in the opening minute. Both guys are a little tentative. A left to the body for Ramirez. A combination from Barrera. A right hook for Ramirez. Combination for Ramirez at the end of the round. A hard one to score. (10-9 Ramirez)

Main event time

It's time for the main event of the evening as Gilberto Ramirez (41-0, 27 KOs) battles Sullivan Barrera (22-3, 14 KOs) in light heavyweight action. 

Everything has been said. Let's see who gets it done. 



Jo Jo Diaz shines in lightweight debut

Diaz def. Fortuna via unanimous decision (117-110, 116-111, 115-112) to win the vacant interim WBC lightweight title.  

You couldn't have asked for a better debut at 135 pounds for Diaz. He was the aggressor for the majority of the fight. For someone who hadn't fought in the weight class, Diaz was the stronger fighter and landed the crisper shots that buckled Fortuna on a couple of occasions. 

Diaz now becomes the mandatory challenger for WBC champion Devin Haney. In his post-fight interview with DAZN, Diaz says he's ready for the big guns at 135 pounds with Haney and Ryan Garcia at the top of the list. 

Wouldn't mind seeing Diaz in there with either guy. 

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 12

Fortuna coming out a man on a mission. He's letting his hands go and connects with a combination. Two combinations by Fortuna. Where was this Fortuna earlier in the fight? 

Three-punch combination on the inside by Diaz. A stinging left uppercut by Diaz. An excellent right hand by Diaz that clipped Fortuna and made his head spin back. Four-punch combination has Fortuna nearly out on his feet. Good fight. (10-9 Diaz, 115-112 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 11

Hard left to the body for Diaz. "Jo-Jo" is clicking on all cyclinders. Fortuna isn't going away as he connects on a four-punch combination. Two straight jabs for Fortuna. Solid body shot by Fortuna. Three-punch combination by Fortuna but Diaz comes back with a combination of his own. Fortuna misses a couple of right hands. A right hook lands for Diaz. Shocked Fortuna didn't press Diaz at the end of the round. Instead, he was content dancing a couple of feet away from Diaz. (10-9 Fortuna, 105-103 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 10

Hard left sends Fortuna back into the ropes. Yet again, Diaz is stalking Fortuna and proceeds to blast him with another left. Combination connects for Diaz. Another combination for Diaz and Fortuna misses a left. Fortuna with a sharp left. A left buckles Fortuna for a moment. Diaz senses Fortuna is hurt and unloads with a series of left and rights. Fortuna wobbles but somehow stays on his feet. An explosive end of the round for Diaz. (10-9 Diaz, 96-93 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 9

Fortuna is walking down Diaz to begin the ninth and unloads a series of combinations. But at the end of the last combination, Diaz clips him with a right hook. Diaz is pounding the body and Fortuna digs his own set of body shots. A three-punch combination with hard left uppercut by Diaz to end things. Fortuna looks to have the wind taken out of his sails. Good end of the round for "Jo-Jo". (10-9 Diaz, 86-84 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 8

Crisp straight left by Diaz and Fortuna uncorks a right hand of his own. Fortuna pumping the jab at will as he's content on fighting on the outside and off the back foot. As soon we say that, Fortuna comes to the inside and starts pounding the body. Good work by Fortuna. Hard body shot for Diaz. A left upstairs and a right to the body by Fortuna. DIaz is showing signs of slowing down a bit. (10-9 Fortuna, 76-75 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 7

Stiff jab by Diaz. Diaz is stalking Fortuna to back him up to the ropes and digs a right hook to the body. A right hook lands for Diaz. A left to the head for Diaz. An uppercut lands by Fortuna. Fortuna is doing too much riding of the bicycle while Diaz is pushing the pace. (10-9 Diaz, 67-65 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 6

Fortuna comes right out with four more punches to the body. Fortuna's on the inside and throws four punches to the body and to the head. A hard body by Diaz. Straight left by Diaz. Combination connects for Fortuna. Three-punch combination by Fortuna and Diaz comes back with a combination downstairs that ended with a sharp left uppercut. A left and then a one-two by Diaz. Diaz narrowly misses a left. Very hard round to score. (10-9 Diaz, 57-56 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 5

Fortuna is targeting the cut. He's slinging lefts and rights to push Diaz back against the ropes. A three-punch combination by Diaz. Four straight body shots by Fortuna. Good right hand by Fortuna. (10-9 Fortuna, 47-47)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 4

Hard one-two by Diaz which snaps Fortuna's head back. Diaz and Fortuna are battling in the clinch and Diaz hits him in the side of the head. The referee deducts a point. A very questionable call as Fortuna was turning his head while Diaz was throwing. 

That seems to fire up Diaz as he's finding a home with the left hand. A snap right hook by Fortuna. Blood continues to trickle down the face of Diaz. (9-9, 38-37 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 3

Fortuna coming out the aggressor with two left hands and a stiff jab. Diaz comes back with a left hook. Straight left lands for Diaz. The referee warns Diaz and Fortuna that if they hit behind the head one more time then he will be deducting a point. Could prove to be significant in how each guy fights from here on out. 

Diaz is bleeding from a cut at the corner of his left eye caused by an accidental clash of heads. (10-9 Fortuna, 29-28 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 2

Both guys staying in the pocket but are currently content firing off the jab. Three-punch combination puncuated by a left hook by Diaz. (10-9 Diaz, 20-18 Diaz)

Diaz-Fortuna; Round 1

Diaz looking fresh so far. Two hard left hands find the mark. A double jab from Diaz. A triple jab by Fortuna. Good boxing so far by Diaz and Fortuna. Diaz and Fortuna trading blows but the former has more sting on them. (10-9 Diaz)

Co-main event time

It's time for the co-main event of Ramirez vs. Barrera as Joseph Diaz Jr. (31-1-1, 15 KOs) meets Javier Fortuna (36-2-1, two no-contests, 25 KOs) for the vacant interim WBC lightweight title. Diaz lost the IBF junior lightweight title on the scale by coming in overweight for his fight against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov in February. The fight went to a majority draw with Diaz getting a 115-113 score. 

Fortuna is unbeaten in his last four contest (3-0 with one no-contest). 

This should be a fun one. 

Seniesa Estrada becomes two-division world champion

Estrada def. Tsunami via unanimous decision (99-91, 98-92, 98-92) to become the WBO Women's Light Flyweight champion.  In a physical fight, Estrada started to pull away after the fifth round. Her combinations along with her good footwork and relentless pursuit took her home to claim her second world title in two weight divisions. This performance cemented herself among the pound-for-pound best in women's boxing.

Estrada made it clear that she wants to become undisputed champion at 105 and 108 pounds but has no problem giving Marlen Esparza a rematch for the 112-pound title. 

It's hard enough to make quality women's fights. This would be a good one to make.

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