How to cancel a subscription activated through

A great alternative to cancelling your account is our Pause function.
If you choose this feature, your subscription will be suspended at the end of your current subscription period and you will be able to reactivate it on a date of your choosing. During the suspension period you will not have access to DAZN content and you will not be charged a subscription fee.
You can find out more information on our Help Page by clicking here.

If you created your account directly on using a credit/debit/prepaid card - PayPal - Giftcode, you can cancel your subscription at anytime by accessing the "My Account" section and following the instructions.

You can cancel your subscription to DAZN by following these steps:
  • On the main page go to the Menu in the upper right corner and choose “My Account”.
  • Once you click on “My Account” you will need to insert your login details again
  • After you have successfully signed in you will have access to your account details. In the subscription section, please click on "Cancel Subscription"
  • Please select the reason why you want to cancel your subscription and then click on "Confirm Cancellation"
  • Please tell us about the reason why you would like to cancel the service. We really appreciate your feedback to improve. Please let us know everything which you did not like using DAZN. Only with your input we can learn what we need to improve.
We’ll send you an email confirming your cancellation. You can still enjoy all of the sport available on DAZN until your current month of subscription ends.


You did not subscribe through using a credit/debit/prepaid card - PayPal - Giftcode ? Click here

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