Where can I purchase gift codes?

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Where to get a gift code? (back to top)
At the moment you can get a gift code in the following ways:
  • As an addition to a product of a cooperation partner
  • Advertisement in a magazine
  • As prize of a raffle
  • In designated shops

List of shops where you can buy a gift code (back to top)
Germany Austria Switzerland Italy
  • Mediaworld
  • Unieuro
  • Euronics
  • Esselunga
  • Carrefour
  • Mondadori Store
How do you register your gift code? (back to top)
  • In order to redeem your gift code please follow the instructions provided with your gift code.
  • If you run into troubles redeeming your gift code, please go to www.dazn.com/redeem and try to enter it into the gift code field.
  • You will receive a banner message on top of the screen if you claimed your gift code successfully telling you the duration of the gift code.
  • Afterwards you will be guided through our account creation. Depending on your gift code you need to enter your payment details, or you skip this point.
  • If you enter your payment details in the process of your registration, we will only charge you once the free period of your gift code ends. We will send you an email before, making you aware that your gift code will run out soon.
Please be aware that some gift codes are only for new customers. Please read the information on your gift code for additional information.

Can you use gift codes if you pay via a third party (e.g. Apple iTunes, Amazon In App Payment?) (back to top)
gift codes are only redeemable by customers who get directly invoiced by DAZN. If you created your DAZN membership over iTunes, or Amazon In App Payment, you will be sadly not able to redeem gift codes. You can follow the below steps to change your account to DAZN directly:
  • Depending on your voucher code you can cancel your subscription with iTunes, or Amazon In App Payment and redeem the code via www.dazn.com/redeem afterwards. Please carefully read the information on your voucher code, or contact our customer support for additional help.

Can you cancel your account while using the gift code? (back to top)
You may cancel your account at any time. But please be aware that you may only use your gift code once. If you cancel your account, you may not transfer the remaining viewing period elsewhere and you will have access to DAZN until your gift code expires. 

Example: You redeem a gift code which gives you 3 month free membership to DAZN. After 1 month you decide to cancel your membership. You still have 2 additional month you can watch DAZN until your gift code expires.

What happens to your account once your gift code expires? (back to top)
You will automatically be charged the monthly fee towards the payment details you entered during registration.

If you didn't enter payment during your account creation, you will receive an email before your gift code expires. This email will remind you that you will need to enter payment details, if you want to continue to watch DAZN once your gift code expires.

If I start my subscription with a gift code but cancel my account during the free trial, how long is my viewing period? (back to top)
You can watch DAZN until your gift code expires. But unfortunately, you cannot get your gift code back, or transfer the time to another account. Your account will automatically run out when your gift code expires. Afterwards you can reactive your DAZN account at any time.

Example: You redeem a gift code which gives you 3 month free membership to DAZN. You decide to cancel your membership during your free trial period. You still have the rest of for free trial period and additional 3 month you can watch DAZN until your gift code expires.

Can you still change your payment method while using the gift code? (back to top)
You may change payment methods from your “My Account” page. If you experience any issues, please contact customer service.

Why do I get an error code when I enter my gift code and select “Apply”? (back to top)
There might be different reasons why you are seeing this error message. The most common are:
  • The code has already been used
  • The code is offered from another country
  • The code has expired
  • The code is not available yet
  • Some codes are available only to new users, while others are to be used by existing subscribers only. Please refer to the instructions you received with your code
If you still experience problems redeeming your gift code, please contact customer service for further assistance.

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