[Note] For customers who are planning to change to the new "ahamo" plan

■For customers using carrier email  
docomo's carrier email (000000@docomo.ne.jp) is not available for the new price plan "ahamo".  
If you are a current docomo subscriber and change your plan to ahamo, you may not be able to receive email newsletters or responses to your enquiries due to your settings. 
If the "contact email address" in your d-account is a docomo carrier email, please change it to an email address that you can continue to receive messages from, as the email address will be discontinued due to the plan change.  
Please refer to the following for information on how to confirm or change your contact email address.  
d-Account TOP > User Guide > How to register or change your contact email address 

please click here. 

If there are any other service impacts due to the change of plan or contract to ahamo, we will notify you separately.  
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.  
Thank you for your continued support of DAZN for docomo. 

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