How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your DAZN subscription 

To cancel your subscription, you’ll need to visit ‘my account’ on a web browser on your computer, mobile, Smart TV or console.  

Some subscribers may need to cancel their subscription by phone or chatbot. If you fall into this category, a message will be displayed when you have followed the onscreen cancellation procedures and selected "Proceed to cancellation procedure.

If you’re on a "monthly plan" or "1Location & Streem" and pay DAZN directly, then you’ll start a 30-day notice period from the day you cancel. 

Cancelling your monthly plan  
As November 2022, cancelling your monthly subscription starts a 30-day notice period. You’ll still be able to watch DAZN during those 30 days.  
For example, if you cancel on 15 November, you’ll still have access to DAZN until day 30 on 14 December. After that, your subscription will have ended and you won’t be able to watch any more.  
Next payment after cancelling your monthly plan  
You’ll pay one final bill on your next scheduled billing date. This will be lower than your usual monthly payment as it only covers the remaining days of your notice period.  
For example, if your usual billing date is 20th of the month and you cancel on 15 September, you’ll pay for 25 days of DAZN on 20 September.  
It’s important you don’t cancel your direct debit with us before your final bill.  
Cancelling your annual plan  

If you're on an annual plan and you opt to cancel,
your subscription will continue until the end of your billing cycle.  

For example, if you pay on 1 July 2022 and cancel on 15 July, you’ll be able to watch DAZN until your plan ends on 1 July 2023. 

Pausing your subscription  
If you just need to take a break, you can pause your subscription for a few months instead. This gives you more flexibility and means you won’t have to resubscribe later on. Find out how to pause your subscription here.  
Cancelling your subscription   
To cancel your plan, follow the instructions below.  

How do I cancel my subscription?
Please click on the topic below to see how you can cancel your subscription:

※If you signed up for DAZN for docomo using your d account ID and password, please contact docomo directly.

If you are unable to cancel subscription, please check here .

I signed up directly with DAZN via web browser, Smart TV, or gaming console and want to cancel
1. You can cancel your subscription to DAZN at any time by following these steps:
On the main page go to the Menu in the upper right corner and choose “My Account”.
2. You can cancel your subscription by visiting ‘my account’ and following instructions presented.

On this page, you will have the option to pause your account. If you want to cancel DAZN temporary (e.g. mid-season break, you are moving abroad) we recommend using this option. You can find more information about this option in our pause article.

If you still want to cancel your subscription completely please use the “PROCEED TO CANCEL”. After your click on the button you will see the following window:User-added image

  • Please tell us about the reason why you would like to cancel the service. We really appreciate your feedback to improve. Please let us know everything which you did not like using DAZN. Only with your input we can learn what we need to improve. After you have entered your feedback please use the “CONFIRM CANCELLATION” button.
    User-added image
  • We’ll send you an email confirming your cancellation. You can still enjoy all of the sport available on DAZN until your current month of subscription ends.

I want to cancel my DAZN via Apple subscription (iTunes)

If you have subscribed via iTunes Store, The ways to cancel your account depends on wich devices you have. 
For more information about managing subscriptions with your iTunes Store account, visit

※Example) Operation method on iOS mobile / tablet device
▼Using iOS 14 or later version
1 Go to Settings > [your name] > Subscriptions.
2 Tap the subscription that you want to manage.

▼Using iOS 14 or earlier version
1 Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.
2 Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
3 Tap View Apple ID. You might need to authenticate your Apple ID.
4 Tap Subscriptions.
5 Tap the subscription that you want to manage.
6 Select DAZN under Options to cancel your subscription.

I want to cancel my DAZN via Amazon In App Payment subscription
You can review and cancel your DAZN subscription on the Amazon website and on all Amazon devices except Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. To cancel your DAZN subscription directly from your Amazon device. 

Amazon (Fire Tablet):
  • Please access the Apps tab from the home screen
  • Click the Store icon, then select Manage Subscriptions
  • Find the DAZN app and turn off auto renewal 

Amazon(Web Browser):
  • access the Amazon store and log-in
  • Go to Account & Lists and select Your Android App & Devices from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Your Subscriptions under the Content tab
  • Find DAZN and turn off auto-renewal from the Actions menu

Once you cancel your subscription via Amazon, DAZN will not take payment on your next payment date. You will be able to use DAZN until that date. You can resubscribe at any time.

I want to cancel my DAZN via Google Play Billing

Google Play Billing (Android Device):
  • Open Google Play Store on your Android phone/tablet
  • Check that you are signed into the correct Google Account
  • Go to Menu, and select Subscriptions
  • Select the DAZN app and click Cancel subscription
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete cancellation

Google Play Billing (Web Browser):
Once you cancel your subscription via Google Play Billing, DAZN will not take payment on your next payment date. You will be able to use DAZN until the end of the period you have already paid for, and then you will lose access. You can re-subscribe at anytime.


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