What is the new free option on DAZN? 
DAZN has launched a new and free option that gives sports fans free access to selected content within the DAZN app. 


How can I access the free DAZN content? 
Sports fans can simply use their existing DAZN account or register for free at and then log in via the DAZN app on the device of their choice. They will be shown the classic DAZN user interface, on which the content available free of charge is highlighted and can be accessed. 


Is it really free? 
Yes, all you have to do is register with DAZN and you can watch selected live events, highlights and non-live content without an additional subscription. 


Do I need a paid DAZN subscription? 
No, that is not necessary.  You can simply use your existing DAZN account or register with DAZN for the first time and watch selected content free of charge without an additional subscription. 


Do I need a DAZN account to be able to use the mode without a subscription? 
Yes, you can use your existing account or simply register with DAZN at


Do I need to enter a payment method?  
We will ask you at registration to make the process easier and quicker in the future should you decide to subscribe to one of our paid memberships. However, this is optional, and you are not required to enter a payment method. 


What content will be available for free? 
Among other things, you will receive weekly access to selected live matches and complete matches in re-live from the top international leagues. You can find a complete overview of the available content here: DAZN News 


Can I also buy PPV events as customer of the free option on DAZN? 
No, this is not possible. 


Can I also buy the NFL Game Pass as customer of the free option on DAZN? 
Yes, this is possible. Simply navigate to "My account" and go to the "More on DAZN" section. There you can book the Game Pass. 

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