DAZN Reminders / Push Notification Functionality

How do I manage mobile push notifications I receive from DAZN?
When you first open the DAZN app, you will be prompted to enable or disable push notifications on the device.

Your DAZN notification settings can be edited at any time using the steps below:
  • Android device:
    1. Open the DAZN app
    2. Select the 'Menu' icon
    3. Select 'Reminders'
    4. Check/Uncheck 'Accept Push Notifications'
  • iOS device:
    1. From the iOS home screen, select 'Settings'
    2. Select 'Notifications'
    3. Find and select 'DAZN'
    4. Slide 'Allow Notifications' to toggle the On/Off position
You can customize sounds, alert icons and style in this menu.

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