Akin Reyes' 3 burning questions for boxing in 2023

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Shakur Stevenson (Getty Images)

We asked DAZN's Akin Reyes for his 3 Burning Questions for Boxing in 2023 and here are his answers:

What fighter will end up at the top of the mountain when all the smoke clears in the lightweight division in 2023?

I see Devin Haney moving up to 140. I see Shakur Stevenson beating a huge name in the lightweight division before the end of 2023 and becoming the Big Dawg of the division and moving up on the pound-for-pound list.

Will a new American heavyweight star emerge in 2023?

Yes, a new heavyweight that will catch the eyes of millions in 2023 will emerge and his name is Jared Anderson. Jared reminds me of a young Riddick Bowe — the Riddick Bowe that beat Evander Holyfield the first time for the world title. Not the biggest guy in the world but definitely has enough size. His skills and power are as good as anybody's in the heavyweight division but most of all, he has the killer instinct. 

Will the athletic commissions in the major states where we host our boxing events do something to change bad judging in this sport that we love so much in 2023? 

Short answer — No. We will never see a change in horrible judging until every single important person that makes real decisions in the sport from the promoters to the network execs, the commissions and fighters ... until everybody makes a stand.

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