Chisora vs. Parker results: Joseph Parker wins gritty split decision over Derek Chisora

Derek Chisora-Joseph Parker (Mark Robinson/Dave Thompson/Matchroom Boxing)

Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora were both in must-win situations heading into their bout on Saturday. 

Parker survived an early knockdown and onslaught from Chisora to come back in the final two-thirds of the fight to win by split decision at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. DAZN News scored it 115-112 for Parker. 

"I thought it could go either way," Parker said in his post-fight interview. 

Seven seconds into the fight, Chisora sent Parker to the deck with a thudding right hand. The pressure of Chisora was giving Parker all kinds of problems and he couldn't get the Englishman off of him. Chisora stayed on the inside and consistently got Parker against the ropes and pounded the body.

Chisora couldn't keep the pace up and started to tire, which allowed Parker to take advantage of that in the fourth round. The former WBO heavyweight champion started upping his workrate, using his speed to slip out of the way of Chisora power shots, while landing combinations of his own and outboxing him. 

With Chisora needing a stoppage to win the fight, the 37-year-old let it all hang out in the 12th and final round. He landed two overhand rights, followed by a left and right hook to the body. Parker came back and rocked Chisora with a right hand. Chisora looked to be on the verge of being stopped, but Parker took his foot off the gas pedal, and it almost cost him as Chisora roared back with a relentless pace that included a stinging right hand and a combination to end the contest. 

But it ended up not being enough for Chisora, who was disappointed with the result. Chisora (32-11, 23 KOs) felt like he did enough to win and immediately pressed for a rematch.

"I'm getting upset now," Chisora said in his post-fight interview. "I bring everything, and this is the treatment I get from boxing. I think they don't like me… But you know what? I won't let them slow me down. No way. I will go again."

Parker (29-2, 21 KOs), who has now won five consecutive fights after losing back-to-back tilts to Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, respectively, said he would be down for a rematch. 

Here is everything that happened at Derek Chisora vs. Joseph Parker.



Joseph Parker wins split decision over Derek Chisora

Parker def. Chisora via split decision (113-115, 116-111, 115-113). A fun fight but the right guy won. Chisora had success in the early rounds but the former WBO heavyweight champion outworked and outboxed Chisora in the final stretch to get the win.

Chisora-Parker; Round 12

Chisora starts the round with a stiff jab. Chisora lands two overhand rights. Chisora showing a sense of urgency with a left and right. A left connects for Chisora. A hard left for Parker and Parker rocks Chisora with a right. Chisora roars back with a right. Another combination by Chisora. A wasted opportunity for Parker. He had Chisora on the ropes, but let him come back and steal the round due to activity. A fun fight. (10-9 Chisora, 115-112 Parker)

Chisora-Parker; Round 11

Chisora bangs away at the body. A crisp right hand from Parker. A right hand stuns Chisora, who moves to the ropes but Parker fails to capitalize. A four-punch combination lands for Parker. (10-9 Parker, 106-102 Parker)

Chisora-Parker; Round 10

Four consecutive jabs by Parker. Sharp and accurate left and right hands from Parker. A straight right and a left to the body from Parker. Chisora forcing himself forward and just narrowly missed getting clipped by a left hook. A combination by Parker. Chisora follows with an overhand right. Parker is in control of the fight. Chisora is going to have to let his hands go and dig down deep in these final two rounds. (10-9 Parker, 96-93 Parker)

Chisora-Parker; Round 9

A hard left by Parker. A quick combination by Parker follows. Chisora is trying to come forward but Parker flicks a jab. Parker pops a right and left. Chisora is chasing and hunting to no avail. Chisora has slowed down considerably. (10-9 Parker, 86-84 Parker)

Chisora-Parker; Round 8

Double left hand by Parker. A triple jab by Parker, as he looks to be getting into a comfort zone. A stiff right jab from Parker, who is stepping back, settling in and going at Chisora. A three-punch combination rocks Chisora, who is being held up by the ropes. Parker continues to unload but Chisora fires back with a combination of his own. (10-9 Parker, 76-75 Parker)

Chisora-Parker; Round 7

Chisora breathing heavily in the corner before the round begins. A double jab by Parker but Chisora goes right back to the body with a left-right. An exchange of jabs. Three-punch combination from Parker. A right hand by Chisora. Chisora snaps two punches but Parker unloads a six-punch combo to send Chisora to the ropes. Chisora with a right hand to close the round. (10-9 Parker, 66-66)

Chisora-Parker; Round 6

A double jab and a combination to begin the sixth round for Parker. A wild overhand right misses for Chisora. A hard right hand and a double jab by Parker. A short right uppercut snaps Parker's head back. Wild exchanges from both guys to end the round. (10-9 Chisora, 57-56 Chisora)

Chisora-Parker; Round 5

Chisora walking Parker down but doing nothing with the opportunity. That gives Parker time to snap the jab. Another Parker jab but Chisora lands a combination to the body. An overhand right lands for Parker. A triple jab for Parker. He's popping the jab because Chisora keeps walking into it. A four-punch combo for Parker with the last three going to the body. Parker seems to be getting into a rhythm. (10-9 Parker, 47-47)

Chisora-Parker; Round 4

Two left hands to the body by Parker. Parker needs to stay away from the ropes as that's when Chisora is at his best. A right hand by Parker and then Chisora follows up with right of his own. Chisora continues to pound the body. A right hand over the top lands for Chisora. A combination from Parker. (10-9 Chisora, 38-37 Chisora)

Chisora-Parker; Round 3

Both slinging the leather to begin the third round. Chisora gets Parker to the ropes and blasts Parker with an overhand right. A double jab by Chisora and a left to the body. A snapping three-punch combination from Parker but Chisora nets a combo of his own. A left hook to the body by Chisora. A combination from Parker to close the round. (10-9 Parker, 28-28)

Chisora-Parker; Round 2

Chisora continues to stalk Parker. A right hand connects to the side of Chisora's head. An overhand right stuns Parker. Another jab by Parker. Chisora misses with an overhand right but doesn't miss with a combination to the body. A left hand and a short right uppercut in the clinch for Chisora. (10-9 Chisora, 19-18 Chisora)

Chisora-Parker; Round 1

Chisora comes right out with a jab. Their feet look to get tangled but Parker goes down with an overhand right hand seven seconds into the fight. Parker stings Chisora with a left hand. Parker backs up and snaps a jab. But Chisora keeps coming forward and throwing away. A triple jab by Parker makes Chisora stumble. A left and right to the body from Parker. Another combination by Parker. Good comeback by Parker in the last half of the round. (9-9)

Main event time

It's time for the main event as Derek Chisora (32-10, 23 KOs) battles Joseph Parker (28-2, 21 KOs) in heavyweight action. A do-or-die clash for both guys. Who's going to leave with the much needed 'W?'

Katie Taylor remains undisputed lightweight champion with win over Natasha Jonas

Taylor def. Jonas via unanimous decision (96-95, 96-95, 96-94) to remain the undisputed lightweight champion. More questionable judging. No question it was an entertaining fight and the best so far on the show but Taylor won going away. Her speed, aggression and being the more active fighter of the two was just too much for Jonas to handle. Jonas came on a little bit too late.

Who is next for Taylor? Could it be undisputed women's welterweight champion Jessica McCaskill or maybe Amanda Serrano?

Taylor-Jonas; Round 10

Understanding she likely needs a finish, Jonas is unleashing a series of furious left and right hands. Taylor is matching her shot for shot with her own set of combinations. Taylor closes the show with another flurry. (10-9 Taylor, 98-92 Taylor)

Taylor-Jonas; Round 9

Both ladies making each other miss. A right by Jonas and Taylor launches two rights of her own. A quick combination by Taylor as she then exits the fire. We head to the final round with Jonas likely needing a stoppage to win. (10-9 Taylor, 88-83 Taylor)

Taylor-Jonas; Round 8

Jonas lands a stiff left jab. Another four-punch combination from Taylor but Jonas comes back with a barrage of shots to the body and head. Taylor comes back with a left and right hook. Another combination by Taylor to close the round. A tough stanza to score. (10-9 Taylor, 78-74 Taylor)

Taylor-Jonas; Round 7

A right from Jonas and a left from Taylor connects at the same time. A stinging left jab by Jonas. A four-punch combination from Taylor. Jonas comes back, digging a combination to the body. She's sitting on her shots and working the body. Jonas clawing her way back into the fight. (10-9 Jonas, 68-65 Taylor)

Taylor-Jonas; Round 6

A hard right jab from Jonas knocks the sweat off of Taylor. A left hand from Jonas but no followup as she lunges in to grab Taylor in the clinch. A right hand from Taylor but Jonas fires back with two left hands. A good left jab followed by a crisp right hook for Jonas. Jonas' best round of the fight. (10-9 Jonas, 59-55 Taylor)

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