Derek Chisora outlasts Kubrat Pulev in gruelling battle

Derek-Chisora-Kubrat-Pulev-070922-MarkRobinsonMatchroomBoxing-FTR Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Derek Chisora breathed some life into his career as he scored his first victory since 2019 with a close split decision win over Kubrat Pulev.  

Scores were 116-114 and 116-112 for Chisora, with another verdict of 116-112 going the way of the Bulgarian. The closeness of the scores reflects just how tight the battle was. 

Chisora was searching for revenge after losing to Pulev in 2016. He started the fight well by setting a ferocious pace and landing several heavy body shots.  

The industry displayed by Chisora soon became absent as Pulev forced his way into the fight, and he was able to turn things in his favour as the fight wore on. 

Both men put it all on the line in the final stages, and there was an eery anticipation as the scores were read out as the home crowd was desperate for their man to get his hand raised.  

Chisora got the nod, and his incredible story still has a few chapters left as he looks to secure another big fight with one of the heavyweight division's leading names. 

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Chisora takes split decision win over Pulev

Derek Chisora gets a much-needed victory as he squeezes past Kubrat Pulev in a terrific battle. Both fighters had good moments, which was reflected on my scorecards as a 116-112 verdict for Pulev was outweighed by scores of 116-112 and 116-114.

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Final Round

It's a tough last round for both men, but Chisora scores well with excellent body shots. Pulev has put up a superb effort, but Chisora just stays in front. 10-9 Chisora. 115-113 Chisora on DAZN's unofficial scorecard.

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Eleven

Chisora hardly throws a shot in the first half of the round. Is he saving himself for one last push? 10-9 Pulev.

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Ten

A quieter round, and that suits Pulev. The Bulgarian keeps the fight long, which is working for him now. The two fighters exchange shots after the bell, but the matter is quickly resolved. 10-9 Pulev

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Nine

The best round of the fight. It's all action from both men, and it will likely come down to who has more left. Pulev is having success, but he can't sustain it due to Chisora's resistance. Chisora does just enough to shade the round. 10-9 Chisora

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Eight

Pulev has done well to bounce back after a tough previous round. A right uppercut rocks Chisora, but he's unable to follow up as Chisora goes on the attack. A good round for Pulev as the fight goes into the late stages. 10-9 Pulev

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Seven

Chisora comes alive in the last minute to have his best moment of the fight. A big right-hand gets Pulev's attention, allowing Chisora to finish the round strong. 10-9 Chisora

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Six

Another Pulev round but a decent response from Chisora. The referee has warned Pulev for hitting behind the head, but he's also landing the better shots as Chisora tries to work up close. 10-9 Pulev

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Five

Pulev's best round. Is this contest turning? Chisora is either taking a break or feeling the pace as his output dropped massively in this round. Pulev took more chances, and he got through with a number of shots. 10-9 Pulev

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Four

Pulev needs to turn this fight in his favour. Chisora is relentless and that's all he needs to be at this point as Pulev refuses to match him. Chisora is undoubtedly in a healthy lead. 10-9 Chisora

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Three

Chisora is setting a fast pace, which could cost him later in the fight. Pulev is having brief success but not as much as his opponent. Chisora is winning this fight on hard work, but can he keep it up? 10-9 Chisora

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round Two

A better round from Pulev. He's having some success with his left hand, but Chisora's industry keeps him ahead as he lands some decent body shots. A close round, but Chisora edges it. 10-9 Chisora

Chisora vs. Pulev 2: Round One

A messy opener, and it looks like the referee is in for a busy night. Pulev has spent most of the round holding, and it's Chisora trying to force the fight. Not many shots have landed, but Chisora has done more. 10-9 Chisora

Madrimov and Soro ends in a technical draw

A nasty cut to the eye of Michel Soro in round three means Israil Madrimov will have to wait to secure a decisive victory over the French fighter as the fight ends in a technical draw. The Uzbek fighter looked superb in the opening two rounds, but when his head came together with Soro's, blood immediately began to pour from Soro's eye. The ringside doctor was quick on the scene and the contest was sensibly called off on her advice. 

Ali wins again

Ramla Ali won every round against Argentina's Agustina Rojas. The O2 crowd made plenty of noise for Ali and she didn't let them down as she went through the gears to dominate Rojas throughout. Could we see Ali face Ellie Scotney in the next 12 months?

Agyarko cruises past Maciec

Caoimhin Agyarko got more valuable rounds in the bank as he controlled all ten rounds against a brave Lukasz Maciec. The Belfast man started the fight quickly and landed multiple body shots, but when it became clear that the Pole was here to stay, Agyarko saw the fight out safely. Scores were 100-90 twice and 99-93.

Wardley has early night against Healey

Fabio Wardley warmed up for a potential British title fight against Nathan Gorman by stopping Chris Healey in two rounds. The Stockport man was brought in yesterday as a late opponent, and the short notice job was evident as he was down in the opening round. Wardley maintained his nastiness in the second session, and after flooring Healey again, the towel came in from Healey's corner. Is a big fight next for Wardley?

The action is close to getting underway

Derek Chisora and Kubrat Pulev are set to go at and we'll have all the updates here once it all kicks off at 7 p.m. 

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