Eddie Hearn plans fresh fight for Solomon Dacres against heavyweight champion

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Solomon Dacres_16032023 Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

Eddie Hearn wants to set up new English heavyweight champion Solomon Dacres to take on British heavyweight titleist, Fabio Wardley.

Dacres defeated challenger Robert Ismay live on DAZN in a little over eight minutes, achieving his second win by stoppage in his career so far.

The second round was much more in Dacres’ favour after a bright start from his opponent, with the referee forced to call off the action as Ismay remained upright in the face of sustained punishment.

Speaking after the fight, Dacres said: “I would’ve just carried on throwing the punches, if he didn’t stop it then I would have kept hitting him and he might have got more hurt.

“There was a bit more pressure, a hostile away crowd, but I dealt with it really well and I’m looking forward to getting the next one.

“In my first few fights I’ve had guys who were really tough who tried to survive but Ismay was there to win, giving me openings and that’s when I’ll start landing my shots.”

Hearn, in attendance, said: “If you’re going to be a contender in the division you need to be dismantling people like Ismay, like that.

“I think he’s a couple of fights away from the British title. I think the British title fight is a great fight with Fabio Wardley.”

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