Florian Marku: Conor Benn has a glass chin

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conor-benn-formella-2020-mark-robinson-mr-ftr (Mark Robinson / Matchroom)

Conor Benn has been accused of picking “only bad opponents” because he “can’t take a hit to the head” according to fellow welterweight Florian Marku.

Benn will fight on Saturday 10 April against Samuel Vargas in London, England, for the WBA continental title.

While Vargas has plenty of experience - his last fight came against Vergil Ortiz Jr. - 28-year-old Albanian fighter Marku believes he was picked because he is beatable.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Marku said that: "I knew he would not fight me in his next two or three fights because he chooses bad opponents with bad records.

"Sebastian Formella had a good record but he was not a strong puncher. Vargas is not a good opponent. He has lost to all the good names and has never won against anyone with a good record.

"He has beaten journeymen to build his record. Conor will win. Conor would never choose anyone without losses. [My last two] opponents had unbeaten records.

"It's easy to choose someone who has tasted losses many times because they don't give their heart to this game."

Marku continued: "Rylan Charlton would give big, big problems to Conor because you saw what Cedrick Peynaud did to him. This is a fact.

"Conor has a glass chin. Since Peynaud, they haven't chosen anyone who can hit. From that day, they chose carefully because Conor can't take a hit to the head.

"When I hit Conor clean? He and his team know I hit hard because they have heard about my sparring. All of my opponents were guys that can hit. They all hit hard. Conor chooses only bad opponents.

"We have good names in the UK - Chris Jenkins, Chris Kongo, Michael McKinson - who were calling him out but he never put his name on the line because he is scared.

"Why did he choose Formella from Germany? He had zero power. Vargas? Because he knows he is 90 percent likely to win. They choose opponents carefully."

Benn vs. Vargas will be shown on DAZN outside the UK, Ireland, China, Australia and New Zealand.

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