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Floyd Mayweather could fight Jake Paul after Logan Paul, says Leonard Ellerbe

Liam Happe
Floyd Mayweather could fight Jake Paul after Logan Paul, says Leonard EllerbeAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
The retired great claimed he could beat both YouTubers on the same night, but the Mayweather Promotions CEO says there will be no 2-for-1.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe likes the idea of setting up Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Jake Paul after his client takes care of Logan Paul on June 6 in Miami, but dismissed suggestions that the 50-0 boxing legend could follow through on his threat to beat both brothers in one night, on the same show.

Things got heated at the official media day for the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul exhibition, but it was the YouTube star's younger brother and fellow social media celebrity Jake who took the spotlight.

Jake, who is 3-0 in sideshow boxing fights and recently knocked out retired UFC fighter Ben Askren, got up in Mayweather's face before snatching the baseball cap off the Michigan man's head and running away.

The brash personality even went as far as to get a tattoo added to his collection which made light of the viral moment, reading "gotcha hat".

Speaking to TMZ, Ellerbe explained that if Jake wants a piece of Mayweather, they can arrange that after the June 6 event, one nobody is giving Logan a snowball's chance in hell of winning (and rightly so).

"Realistically, he could [fight both brothers]," he said, "but no ... from a business standpoint, no.

"[Floyd] and Logan are gonna have a great exhibition on the 6th of June and the whole world will be entertained."

Of course, the "business standpoint" is that Mayweather vs. Logan Paul will generate a huge amount of revenue despite being a foregone conclusion and far from the real challenges that made Mayweather the star that he is today, while Jake's marginal superiority to Logan between the ropes means they will probably build to that exhibition on a separate night and make even more money.

With that being the case, there really is no point in giving away a 2-for-1 on one show, despite an allegedly-angry Mayweather's threats to the Paul brothers at the media day last week that he would mow through both of them in quick succession.