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Paul vs. Askren: How much money did Jake Paul and Ben Askren make for their boxing fight?

Liam Happe
Paul vs. Askren: How much money did Jake Paul and Ben Askren make for their boxing fight?DAZN
As bad as Askren may have looked, losing to Jake Paul earned him far more than he did in his UFC career.

Jake Paul made short work of Ben Askren on Saturday, with the YouTube celebrity who claims he is taking his boxing career very seriously finishing the retired UFC fighter in the very first round.

Information made publicly available by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission revealed exactly how lucrative that two minutes of work was for both the winner and the loser.

Paul's base earnings for the fight was disclosed as $690,000, while Askren took home a minimum of $500,000, MMA Fighting reported.

Of course, it is almost certain both men will see much more money than this for the April 17 spectacle. At the current time, any win bonuses, other bonuses, or percentages of the PPV earnings earmarked for Paul and Askren are unknown. However, even if Askren were to have hypothetically only made the half-a-million dollars, it handily outweighs anything he made as a UFC competitor.

Talksport estimates Askren's earnings over three UFC outings total at roughly $830,500, meaning he made more than half of three fights' work in two minutes boxing Paul, and will likely end up with much closer to that or perhaps even more when all financial rewards are taken into consideration.Askren revealed after the fight he would not return, and instead use the bumper payday as a nest egg while coaching wrestling, which was his primary skill as an MMA combatant.

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