Jake Paul promises a 'boxing clinic' against 'delusional' UFC star Tyron Woodley

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Jake Paul believes he will put on a 'boxing clinic' in his fourth professional bout, now confirmed to be against former UFC welterweight champion and pro boxing debutant Tyron Woodley on August 28.

Paul has convincingly beaten three fellow rookie boxers in the form of another streaming celebrity AnEsonGib, ex-NBA player Nate Robinson and most recently another UFC alumnus, Ben Askren.

Woodley brings more striking experience to the table than grappling specialist Askren, but will also likely give up a lot of size on fight night to natural cruiserweight Paul. 

The polarising personality told Sky Sports in a recent interview that fight fans, whether they like him or hate him, have yet to even see the absolute best that he can deliver between the ropes.

"Man, I can’t wait," he said of the upcoming Woodley fight. "This is what I do now. I’m active as hell, and I can’t wait to put on a show and really shock the world again. That’s what I do: shock the world, every single time.

"(I’ll be) explosive, electrifying, quick, and really just a boxing clinic. For real, it’s gonna be a boxing clinic in there, and you’re gonna see me pick apart a ‘UFC striker’"

Paul did indeed use actual air quotes on camera while labelling Woodley a 'striker', before reflecting back on his previous battle with an MMA star and promising to go 2-for-2 come August.

"Yeah, I think (the win over Askren) was a statement," added Paul, "but I didn’t even get to show all that I’m capable of. He under-estimated me, just like all of these guys are.

"Tyron has no idea what he’s getting himself into. He’s playing catch-up, and I am way better skilled and have way better cardio. I’m faster, stronger, heavier, taller, I have a longer reach… everything is (in my favour)."

Woodley this week claimed Paul would be the easiest fight of his entire career, a comment which the 24-year-old laughed off.

"He’s delusional," Paul said of Woodley. "But, of course, he wants a pay day."


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