Jorge Masvidal: 'Why the f— would I fight Jake Paul in boxing'?

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After notching a sixth-round knockout in his rematch against Tyron Woodley in December, Jake Paul made it clear who he was on his hit list when he returns to the ring in 2022. 

"I just knocked out a five-time UFC champion and embarrassed your whole company," Paul said with his statement directed at UFC President Dana White. "Please let me get [UFC welterweight champion] Kamaru Usman. Please let me get Diaz. Please let me get Masvidal. Please let me get [Conor] McGregor because I'm going to embarrass them, too. I promise you, Dana."

For the most part, Masvidal, who attended the fight, hasn't said that much about Paul. Until now. When asked by DAZN News about the possibility of crossing over into boxing and taking on the social media influencer turned, Masvidal, who battles arch-rival Colby Covington the main event of Saturday's UFC 272, makes it abundantly clear he's got no interest in moving over to boxing for him.

"Why the f— would I fight Jake Paul in boxing?" Masvidal bluntly told DAZN News. "Look at his last pay-per-view (with Woodley). It generated little buys. My fights generate fantastic numbers. His, not so much. He offered me $5 million to come to box him. I make more than that in the UFC. So why would I go fight him for that? He's got no money to offer me."

Masvidal did leave a crack open to fight Paul to face him in his realm. 

"After that horrible offer, me and my team made him and his team an offer to come fight me in the UFC," Masvidal said. "A one-fight deal in the UFC. I beat his ass, humble him so bad that he never fights in boxing ever again." 

Currently, Paul is promoting his client Amanda Serrano's fight on Saturday, April 30, as she challenges Katie Taylor for the undisputed women's lightweight title, which you can see worldwide on DAZN

Has Paul responded to Masvidal and his team's offer?

"Nope. Why would he? He knows I would beat his ass," Masvidal rebutted. 


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