Internet connection requirements

DAZN provides high-quality video streaming. It automatically selects the best video quality available for your device and internet connection speed. 

All DAZN programmes and live streams are available in 1080p Full High Definition, which means that as long as you have an internet speed of around 16mbps, you should experience the highest quality of definition.

However, to watch DAZN on your TV and laptop in HD (High Definition), we recommend an internet download speed of 9mbps and to watch in SD (Standard Definition), we recommend an internet download speed of 3mbps.

How to find out your internet download speed

To check your internet speed, go to

Important considerations when watching sport streamed over the internet: Please also visit our troubleshoot your network connection help article which offers you some quick fixes for the most common problems and a quick and easy guide on how to test your internet connection speed.”
  1. Sometimes your device cannot use 100% of the available internet download speed. When this is the case you'll need up to 100% ore bandwidth to achieve the best quality possible.
  2. When someone else on your network uses the internet, it will reduce the available bandwidth for you to watch sport on DAZN.
  3. We do not support VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or Proxys. Please remove these before attempting to watch DAZN.

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