How to watch DAZN on VIZIO SmartCast TV

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DAZN is supported on all new VIZIO SmartCast TV series with SmartCast OS. These SmartCast TV series are supported:
  • P Series Quantum
  • P-Series
  • E-Series
  • M-Series
  • D-Series
Where can I find DAZN on VIZIO SmartCast 
There is no need to download and install the app. DAZN is one of the 20+ pre-embedded apps in the ‘Apps’ section.
You will be able to find the DAZN app from the ‘Apps’ section in your SmartCast home screen. Scroll to the ‘Apps’ row and launch DAZN.
Sign up on your VIZIO Smart TV 
Please follow the steps to sign up for a DAZN Account:
  1. Go to the DAZN app
  2. In the DAZN app, click 'Start Subscription'
  3. Enter your personal details on next page
  4. Enter your payment details and confirm

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