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Episode 6 | Four kings

The top drivers battle it out for Championships and the teams battle it out to get the best driver – it’s a level of competition that makes Formula 1 the most exciting sport in the world. It was the tragedy of Senna’s death that put everything Bernie had built into question. Excitement that also came thanks to the Prost/Senna rivalry which would take place for a few years as we also see the emergence of a new driver, Michael Schumacher.

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Carlos Sainz: We finished where we deserved"F1
Christian Horner, new challenge in 2023F1
Carlos Sainz, a significant yearF1
"Fernando Alonso thinks that his time has come"F1
F1 closer than everF1
Formula 1 settingsF1
Código F1 | Saudi ArabiaF1
Antonio Lobato reacting to Saudi Arabian GPF1
Post STC Saudi Arabia Grand PrixF1
Sainz: "It's the harsh reality"F1
Alonso: "FIA got it all wrong"F1
Alonso's starting lap in Saudi ArabiaF1
Sainz: "We have pace to fight for a podium"F1
Alonso: "To be competitive here give us energy"F1
Sainz's lap in Saudi ArabiaF1
Alonso's lap in Saudi ArabiaF1
Victor Abad about Ferrari
Victor Abad about Alonso in Arabia
Bahrain GP radiosF1
How Antonio Lobato experienced Fernando's podium finishF1
Código F1 | BahrainF1
The epic battle between Alonso & HamiltonF1
Optimism with Aston MartinF1
Post Gulf Air Bahrain Grand PrixF1
Aerodynamic loadF1
Alonso:" It's a dream come true"F1
Alonso and Hamilton's momentF1
Pedro de la Rosa's analysis of a memorable drivingF1
Fernando Alonso's celebration on podiumF1
Alonso's epic comeback to finish thirdF1
Exclusive DAZN interview with Fernando AlonsoF1
Carlos Sainz's start in BahrainF1
Fernando Alonso's start in BahrainF1
Alonso's start in BahreinF1
Albert Fàbrega explains AMR23F1
Sainz lap in BahrainF1
Alonso's lap in BahrainF1
Alonso's fast lap in Bahrain FP2F1
Season preview with Roldan Rodriguez & Miguel PortilloF1
Victor Abad about AlonsoF1
Dethroning the kingF1
Red Bull Racing car unveilling 2023F1
Haas F1 Team car unveilling 2023F1
Escudería Fernando AlonsoF1
The year of Fernando AlonsoF1
The year of Carlos SainzF1
The year of Max VerstappenF1
Impact structuresF1
The making of the seatF1
The Coanda's effectF1