Teofimo Lopez on George Kambosos Jr. defeat: "Everybody knew I won tonight"

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George Kambosos vs. Teofimo Lopez Matchroom

Teofimo Lopez claimed after his defeat to George Kambosos Jr. that he had won the fight.

The outburst came almost immediately after the judges’ decision - 115-111, 115-112, 113-114 - in the new champion’s favour.

Kambosos now holds the WBC franchise, IBF, WBA and WBO belts, and is open to a rematch in Australia.

Speaking after the fight, the American claimed he had won the fight.

“Helluva fighter, but I won tonight man. Everybody knows that,” he said.

“The referee raised my hand. I won tonight. I don’t care what anybody says, yo. I won tonight. At the end of the day I’ve been here, I’ve done that. I want to thank God. I want to thank everybody that came out tonight. 

“Look. I ain’t no sore loser. I take my wins, I can take my losses. I’m a true champion. I came out here. I did what I had to do, and I went out there and I did my best. I don’t care what anybody says man. I am as real as they come. This is ‘the takeover’ man. We don’t stop. We keep coming. Yo. I love you all. I won this fight.

“You know what man? I know what it is. I know how these people work. The referee knew I won tonight. Everybody knew I won tonight and I’m just thankful…I don’t believe it was a close fight at all. At the end, I scored it 10-2!”

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