Available Payment Methods for DAZN

The payment options currently available for DAZN are as follows: 

■Domestically-issued Credit Card, or Debit Card 
(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club) 
Some debit cards may not be authorized for monthly or annual payment plans. Please contact your card provider for more details. 
※We are aware that some American Express cards are not working and our team is working to resolve the issue.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and ask that you register with a different card or payment method.

Selecting PayPal as the preferred payment method allows customers to pay for DAZN with the payment method registered to their Japanese PayPal account. 

■DAZN Prepaid Card 
DAZN Prepaid Cards can be purchased from electronic appliance retailers and convenience stores (with exceptions) nationwide. 

■DAZN Ticket 
DAZN Tickets can be purchased at select convenience stores.  

■DAZN Annual Pass 
DAZN Passes can be purchased from respective J-League clubs. 

■Apple ID (iTunes) 
Registering on your iOS device via Apple Pay will allow customers to pay for DAZN through your iTunes Store account.  
※Please be aware that if you register to DAZN with your Apple ID, you will be charged ¥1,900 (incl. tax)
or ¥19,400 (incl. tax) for annually rather than amount setting every 10 yen due to Apple regulations. 

■Amazon IAP (In-App-Payment) 
Registering on an Amazon-device (Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick) allows customers to make payments with the payment method registered to their Amazon accounts.

■Google Play Billing  
Registering via Google Play Billing allows customers to pay for DAZN via the payment method registered to their Google Play accounts.

■Mobile Carrier Billing
Registered with Mobile Carrier Billing allows customers to pay for DAZN as part of their mobile phone bill. Please check here for more details.

Please check this help page for more details on gift codes. 

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