Explosive fights that could await the Estrada vs. Chocolatito 3 winner

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Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Roman Gonzalez Matchroom

With Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez finally settling their trilogy Saturday night, live on DAZN , The DAZN Boxing Show's Akin Reyes tabs two explosive fight options that could await the winner.

If Chocolatito wins, two explosive fights for him would be:

Naoya Inoue

Even though Inoue is at bantamweight, I think 'Chocolatito' will have one more massive fight in him after the Estrada trilogy. They could meet halfway or maybe Inoue could come down, so 'Chocolatito' has some advantage because he’s giving up youth. Yes, Inoue is a "Monster" but 'Chocolatito' is a monster in his own right. I thought 'Chocolatito' won the second fight against Estrada. I thought it was a bad decision. I think he’s going to win Saturday night. I think he's looking for one more legacy fight and I think it’ll be against Inoue.

Jesse 'Bam' Rodriguez

Obviously, the fight that the world wants to see as well is ‘Bam' Rodriguez against ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez. These fight options are epic matchups. Before the fights even happen, you know what kind of fights you’re going to get. Inoue and ‘Bam’ would be two massive legacy fights to end 'Chocolatito's' career.

If Estrada wins, two explosive fights for him would be:

Naoya Inoue

Same thing for Estrada — Inoue and ‘Bam Bam.’ Estrada is a guy who has been on the pound-for-pound list but he’s not mainstream like ‘Chocolatito.’ I think to really become that household name in that division and be mentioned with the greats in the future when his career is done and he’s retired, in order for him to get to that ‘Chocolatito’ status, he needs another big name. So, obviously, he’ll have to beat 'Chocolatito' in that trilogy and then beat another big name. It would have to be an Inoue.

Jesse 'Bam' Rodriguez

We all know ‘Bam’ Rodriguez is on a rampage and that kid is special. He’s a pound-for-pound type of talent. So, if you come and disrupt that freight training that’s coming, automatically you’ll be considered a superstar in that division and you’ll put the entire boxing world on notice. Even casual fans are going to have to take notice if you beat a guy like ‘Bam.’ These are the two guys who can make you. Beating these guys will put Estrada on an entirely different level. He’ll break through to mainstream if he beats one of them.

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