Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul both won on Sunday night, claims Chris Algieri

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Floyd-Mayweather-Jr-Logan-Paul-060621-GETTY-FTR Getty Images

Former junior welterweight champion Chris Algieri thinks there was no reason to be negative over the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight.

The retired former champion took on the YouTube celebrity in an eight-round exhibition fight on Sunday night, and some have criticised the performance level on show. However Algieri thinks both fighters got what they wanted.

For Logan Paul, Algieri told the DAZN Boxing Show: “It's a win for him because he got that paycheque.

“He wins no matter what. The chance to share the ring with one of the greatest fighters of all time, one of the greatest fighters we’ve ever seen and he’s walking home with beaucoup bucks. It’s a win.”

As for Mayweather, Algieri pointed out it was just another chance for Mayweather to take home more millions.

“I’m never going to talk about people making money,” he began.

“If you can make money in any way possible, does it hurt his brand? I don’t think so. Muhammed Ali used to fight pro fighters from Japan, ‘MMA’ guys at the time, professional fighters, and he was getting hurt. Floyd’s not. Logan Paul couldn’t hurt him last night.

“He’s been the heel when he switched from Pretty Boy to Money, his persona changed. He becomes the heel, the guy you hated, the guy you pay to see lose.”


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