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Complete list of undisputed heavyweight boxing champions

Alexander Netherton
Complete list of undisputed heavyweight boxing championsDAZN
Who are history's undisputed heavyweight champions in boxing? Who was the last undisputed heavyweight champion?

The undisputed champion in boxing is a fighter who holds all belts from the four major governing bodies: the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF. The IBO belt is not generally considered when deciding the status of an undisputed champion, due to the computerised system that the body uses for its rankings. The Ring championship title is also not factored into the undisputed champion status.

A unified champion is a fighter who holds belts from two or more bodies, but not necessarily all four major titles for the division.

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Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are set to fight twice in 2021, holding the IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO, WBC and Ring titles between them. Assuming Joshua does not lose to Kubrat Pulev and does not vacate his WBO belt before he fights Fury, the winner would become the undisputed heavyweight fighter of the world.

Here is the rundown of every undisputed champion in heavyweight history. The recognized sanctioning bodies have changed over the years, and there has not yet been a four-belt undisptued champ in the heavyweight division.

List of every undisputed heavyweight champion

Reign startedReign endedBoxerBelts
July 24, 1922Sept. 23, 1926Jack DempseyNYSAC, NBA
Sept. 23, 1926July 31, 1928Gene TunneyNYSAC, NBA
June 12 1930Jan. 7, 1931Max SchmelingNYSAC, NBA
June 21, 1932June 29, 1933Jack SharkeyNYSAC, NBA
June 29, 1933June 14, 1934Primo CarneraNYSAC, NBA
June 14, 1934June 13, 1935Max BaerNYSAC, NBA
June 13, 1935June 22, 1937James J. BraddockNYSAC, NBA
June 22, 1937March 1, 1949Joe LouisNYSAC, NBA
Sept. 27, 1950July 18, 1951Ezzard CharlesNYSAC, NBA
July 18, 1951Sept. 23, 1952Jersey Joe WalcottNYSAC, NBA
Sept. 23, 1952April 27, 1956Rocky MarcianoNYSAC, NBA
Nov. 30, 1956June 26, 1959Floyd PattersonNYSAC, NBA
June 26, 1959June 20, 1960Ingemar JohanssonNYSAC, NBA
June 20, 1960Sept. 25, 1962Floyd PattersonNYSAC, NBA
Sept. 25, 1962July 22, 1963Sonny ListonNYSAC, WBA
July 22, 1963Feb. 25, 1964Sonny ListonWBC, WBA
Feb. 25, 1964Sept. 19, 1964Muhammad AliWBC, WBA
Feb. 6, 1967April 28, 1967Muhammad AliWBC, WBA
Feb. 16, 1970Jan. 22, 1973Joe FrazierWBC, WBA
Jan. 22, 1973Oct. 30, 1974George ForemanWBC, WBA
Oct. 30, 1974Feb. 15, 1978Muhammad AliWBC, WBA
Feb. 15, 1978March 18, 1978Leon SpinksWBC, WBA
Aug. 1, 1987Feb. 11, 1990Mike TysonWBC, WBA, IBF
Feb. 11, 1990Oct. 25, 1990James "Buster" DouglasWBC, WBA, IBF
Oct. 25, 1990Nov. 13, 1992Evander HolyfieldWBC, WBA, IBF
Nov. 13, 1992Dec. 14, 1992Riddick BoweWBC, WBA, IBF
Nov. 13, 1999April 29, 2000Lennox LewisWBC, WBA, IBF