Munguia vs. O'Sullivan results: Jaime Munguia stops Gary O'Sullivan in middleweight debut

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One of the questions heading into Jaime Munguia's debut at middleweight was: Would his power from 154 pounds carry over to 160?

It took a little longer than most expected, but Munguia brought the power and speed in his shots to finally put away gritty veteran Gary O'Sullivan at 2:17 of the 11th round at the Alamodome in San Antonio. 

Munguia (35-0, 27 KOs) almost made it an early night when he blasted O'Sullivan with a left hook that nearly sent him to the canvas. O'Sullivan shook it off and started pressuring Munguia, which almost resulted in an upset at the end of the third round. O'Sullivan connected on a blistering left hook and a hard right hand that wobbled Munguia. 

After some advice from Hall of Famer Erik Morales, who is now his head trainer, Munguia became more comfortable as the fight went on and began hitting O'Sullivan with a power jab that took away his constant attack. With each stiff jab, Munguia took away O'Sullivan's confidence as well.

Before the 11th round began, O'Sullivan (30-4, 21 KOs) was asked by his corner if he wanted to go on; the veteran was game. Munguia was having none of it, though. The 23-year-old stunned O'Sullivan with a right hand. He followed it with a left hand and then proceeded to unload a series of combinations to send O'Sullivan to the ropes. Right before Munguia dropped O'Sullivan with a right hand, the Irish fighter's corner had thrown in the towel to put a halt to the fight.

This was a good first step for Munguia. He showed that his power stayed with him. Even though he called out Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Gennadiy Golovkin and Jermall Charlo after his victory, that doesn't mean he is ready for them. Another fight or two will determine that. 

Here is what happened at Jaime Munguia vs. Gary O'Sullivan:

Jaime Munguia vs. Gary O'Sullivan results

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Jaime Munguia batters Gary O'Sullivan in successful middleweight debut

12:51 a.m.: Munguia def. O'Sullivan by TKO at 2:17 of Round 11. Seeing that O'Sullivan looked like a guy who didn't want to be in there too much longer, Munguia closed the show, first by staggering O'Sullivan with a right hand. Sensing the end was near, Munguia uncorked several combinations. O'Sullivan's corner tossed in the towel right right before he dropped O'Sullivan with a right hand.

Round 10: I think O'Sullivan's corner needs to tell him to call it a night. He's getting battered. He looks like someone who doesn't want to be there. (10-9 Munguia, 97-92 Munguia)

Round 9: A good job by Munguia. He stayed relentless on the power jab, and it left O'Sullivan open for the right hand. Munguia obliged with no problem. (10-9 Munguia, 87-83 Munguia)

Round 8: Munguia has found something here. He keeps jabbing, which is frustrating to a pressure fighter like O'Sullivan. The Irishman is starting to tire. Can Munguia take advantage and put him away? (10-9 Munguia, 77-74 Munguia)

Round 7: Another odd couple of minutes. Munguia hit O'Sullivan with another low blow, but the referee didn't deduct a point. Too much inconsistency. All that seemed to do was upset Munguia. He unloaded the kitchen sink and even sent O'Sullivan back to the ropes with a right hand. (10-9 Munguia, 67-65 Munguia)

Round 6: An interesting three minutes as Munguia got deducted a point for a low blow. Why Munguia wasn't given a warning is beyond me. O'Sullivan sold it pretty well to get the deduction. O'Sullivan keeps upping the pressure and making Munguia fight from behind. (10-8 O'Sullivan, 57-56 Munguia)

Round 5: O'Sullivan was winning the round with constant pressure until the final minute when Munguia used his speed advantage by unloading a flurry of shots. Munguia needs to keep it in the center of the ring. No reason to continue fighting off the ropes. (Munguia 10-9, 49-46 Munguia)

Round 4: Smarter round for Munguia. He went back to the jab and digging into the body with the left hook. No reason to get into a firefight if you're Munguia. (10-9 Munguia, 39-37 Munguia)

Round 3: This was the fight everyone was expecting. Munguia had the round control and looked to put O'Sullivan away with a right hand and then a left hook to get him against the ropes. O'Sullivan rocked Munguia with a left hook and then a straight right hand. We have a fight, ladies and gentlemen. (10-9 O'Sullivan, 29-28 Munguia)

Round 2: Munguia is throwing quick combinations, but he needs to not be fighting off the ropes as O'Sullivan landed a flush right hook that caught Munguia's attention. Munguia needs to fight complete rounds and take moments off. (Munguia 10-9, 20-18)

Round 1: It was a feeling-out opening round for both guys until the final moments when Munguia rocked O'Sullivan with a thudding left hook. O'Sullivan didn't look right walking back to his corner. Munguia hits that flush one or two more times and O'Sullivan is going to hit the mat. (10-9 Munguia)

11:52 p.m.: It is now time for the main event as Jaime Munguia (34-0, 27 KOs) battles Gary O'Sullivan (30-3, 21 KOs) in middleweight action. Can Munguia make a successfully leap from 154 to 160 pounds? Or does O'Sullivan spoil the party? We are about to find out.

Alejandra Jimenez beats Franchon Crews-Dezurn to become unified women's super middleweight champion

11:39 p.m.: Jimenez def. Crews-Dezurn by split decision (97-93 Crews-Dezurn, 97-93 Jimenez, 98-92 Jimenez) to become the WBC and WBO women's super middleweight champion. 

What a fantasic contest. Jimenez and Crews-Dezurn put on a show for 30 minutes with each woman having their moments. But it came down to Jimenez landing the harder shots consistently, pushing the pace and making Crews-Dezurn compete from behind. 

Jimenez called out women's junior middleweight and undisputed women's middleweight champion Claressa Shields. I wouldn't mind seeing Jimenez and Crews-Dezurn run it back as it was much closer than the judges' scorecards indicated. 

Round 10: The first half of the round belonged to Crews-Dezurn, but Jimenez roared back in the second half and landed the harder shots to steal the round and become the new champion. Time to see what the judges have to say. (10-9 Jimenez, 96-94 Jimenez)

Round 9: Crews-Dezurn showing the heart of a champion. She landed a couple nice combinations and hard right hands. It's down to the final round and appears to be anyone's fight. (10-9 Crews Dezurn, 86-85 Jimenez)

Round 8: Crews-Dezurn had her best overall round in a while. She landed a couple hard right hands that stung Jimenez and was able to box going backward. Jimenez needs to stop coming forward, as it's to Crews-Dezurn's advantage. (10-9 Crews-Dezurn, 77-75 Jimenez)

Round 7: Give Crews-Dezurn credit. She's exemplfying a ton of heart by continuing to let it go and looking to win. Jimenez is starting to slow as well. Who will have the better cardio in the championship rounds? (10-9 Jimenez, 68-65 Jimenez)

Round 6: The punches from Crews-Dezurn are waning while Jimenez is going at a methodical pace, working on the inside and also walking Crews-Dezurn down. What can Crews-Dezurn do to get back into the fight? (10-9 Jimenez, 58-56 Jimenez)

Round 5: Crews-Dezurn came out firing with a hard left hand, but Jimenez walked through it once again. She's staying active, but the power from Jimenez is wearing Crews-Dezurn down. (10-9 Jimenez, 48-47 Jimenez)

Round 4: Crews-Dezurn connected on some power shots, but Jimenez is showing a granite chin and walking through them. Let's see if Crews-Dezurn starts going to the body. (10-9 Crews-Dezurn, 38-38)

Round 3: The power of Jimenez is taking its toll already. She's easily finding a home with the left and right hand. Crews-Dezurn looked defeated in her corner. Looks to be a matter of time. (10-9 Jimenez, 29-28 Jimenez)

Round 2: The most exciting round of the card up to this point. Crews-Dezurn was connecting on the right hand and the left hook. Then a chopping right hand by Jimenez stunned Crews-Dezurn. Both fighters were slinging the leather with Jimenez landing a few more hard shots. (10-9 Jimenez 19-19)

Round 1: Crews-Dezurn came out firing, looking to knock Jimenez out with continous overhand rights. She kept looking for it with the same shot, and then in the final minute, she took a deep breath and started using the jab. (10-9 Crews-Dezurn)

10:56 p.m.: It is time for the co-main event of Munguia vs. O'Sullivan, as Franchon Crews-Dezurn (6-1, 2 KOs) squares off against Alejandra Jimenez (12-0-1, 9 KOs) for Crews-Dezurn's WBC and WBO women's super middleweight titles. 

Hector Tanajara Jr. scores impressive win over Juan Carlos Burgos

10:46 p.m.: Tanajara Jr. def. Burgos by unanimous decision (99-91, 97-92, 97-92). A great showing for the 23-year-old lightweight. He started out showing his boxing skills with the jab, and then the second half of the fight, he closed the distance and went on the inside, showing he could rip the body successfully and then go upstairs with a sharp right hand. Tanajara was playing chess while Burgos was playing checkers. 

This was a good step up in competition for Tanajara as Burgos had only lost to Devin Haney, Mikey Garcia and Roman Martinez. He's being brought along correctly, and that should continue. Slow and steady wins the race, especially in boxing.

10:26 p.m.: Burgos woke up a little bit in the sixth round and decided to make it a little bit of a fight and made Tanajara be a bit more active than maybe he liked.

10:21 p.m.: Tanajara putting on a clinic through five. The first four rounds, Tanajara controlled the fight with the jab and then in the fifth, he got brave and started going on the inside and forcing the issue.

10:03 p.m.: Up next at Munguia vs. O'Sullivan, Hector Tanajara Jr. (18-0, 5 KOs) faces Juan Carlos Burgos (33-3-2, 21 KOs) in lightweight action.

Joshua Franco stops Jose Burgos

9:54 p.m.: Franco def. Burgos by TKO at 2:13 of the ninth round. After continously landing the left hook throughout the junior bantamweight fight, Franco started the finishing sequence with the shot to wobble Burgos. Sensing he could finish Burgos off, Franco connected on a right hand to put him against the ropes. Then Franco connected on a barrage of shots with no return of fire from Burgos. Because of the lack of action from Burgos, the referee jumped in and put an end to the beating before it got much worse. 

9:34 p.m.: Franco is well in control after six rounds. Nearly everything he's throwing is connecting and having an effect on Burgos. 

9:26 p.m.: Very impressed with Franco through three rounds. He's staying right in the pocket, throwing great counter shots and is setting the tone with the stiff jab. 

9:14 p.m.: The Munguia vs. O'Sullivan main card begins with Joshua Franco (15-1-2, 7 KOs) meeting Jose Burgos (17-2, 14 KOs) in junior bantamweight action. 

9:00 p.m.: Welcome to DAZN News' live coverage of Munguia vs. O'Sullivan. Grab the refreshments, sit back, relax and enjoy what should be an action-packed night of fights. 

Jaime Munguia vs. Gary O'Sullivan fight card

Matchup Class Belt
Jaime Munguia vs. Gary O'Sullivan Middleweight  
Franchon Crews vs. Alejandra Jimenez Women's Super Middleweight WBC/WBO
Hector Tanajara Jr. vs. Juan Carlos Burgos Lightweight  
Joshua Franco vs. Jose Burgos Jr. Bantamweight  
Tristan Kalkreuth vs. Blake Lacaze Light Heavyweight  
Travell Mazion vs. Fernando Castaneda  Jr. Middleweight   
George Rincon vs. Diego Perez Super Lightweight  
Hector Valdez vs. Luis Rios Jr. Featherweight  
James Wilkins vs. James Early Jr. Lightweight  
Angel Fierro vs. Alex Martin    

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