MF & DAZN: X-Series 005: Jay Swingler takes win in emotional fight with NichLMAO

Swingler-NichLMAO_03032023 Misfits Boxing/Leigh Dawney

Jay Swingler scored a huge win on Saturday night with a majority decision victory over social media monster NichLMAO in England.

The Telford fighter got into a toe to toe fight with the "Singapore Pretty Boy" and proved that stepping into the ring and putting on some gloves is no easy feat.

"He's a fighter, he's certainly been training. He tried a lot of things tonight. The man is a warrior, nobody can criticize him," acknowledged Swingler, who improved his record to 2-1 with 1 KO.

With the legend of "underdog" on his pants, NichLMAO stepped into the ring to show that the job was done and with powerful punches from the first minute began to hunt Swingler, who despite the local support could not find the distance because of the long arms of his rival.

However, as it was a four-round fight, the wear and tear of the fight began to consume Nich, who gradually began to fade and let his guard down, making him an easy target for Swingler.

He knew he was on his own and Jay never gave up right to the end he kept throwing furious hooks and managed to tilt the scorecards in his favor despite forgetting the jab. 

In the end, both fighters hugged and NichLMAO proposed that in the future they could both be part of Tag Team Boxing, as he assured them that together they would be invincible.

Missed the DAZN X night? We've got your back. Here you can relive the minute by minute:


And the winner is...

After four rounds, Jay Swingler defeated NichLMAO by majority decision in the night's main event.

Scorecards: 39-36, 38-38 and 39-37

Round 4: Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO

Jay regained the jab and straights, Nich looks for the uppers, power slipped a bit, but he brings the defence to the max.
Straights and hooks, but Nich lets his guard down and that's where Swingler takes advantage, but seems to take the last of his remaining strength to try and do something with still a minute to go.
Willing to close with the fight Nich pulls out the last of it.

Round 3: Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO

Jay is in the middle distance, he forgot the jab and just wants to hurt Nich, but the Singaporean drops his punches with power and taking advantage of his long arms. 

Nich lands upper, right, he moves, he is the more effective man. 

Both show fatigue, but they don't back down, they don't want to let the fight slip away.

Round 2: Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO

Nich is letting the wear and tear on Jay, he's making him fail and he's holding on. You have to remember that Nich has only been training for six months, but boy is he giving him a fight. 
Uper and straight from Nich, but Jay counters by throwing hard hooks.

Round 1: Jay Swingler vs. NichLMAO

Despite being the underdog, NichLMAO came out to show that he would not give the fight away and from the first seconds he unleashed powerful punches that forced Jay to shield himself in a very tight guard. Nich fearlessly pressed and probed. 

Jay did not want to be left behind and with big hooks sought to dynamite LMAO, but the boy has jaw.

It's time for the main event

First to step into the ring, was Instagram's pretty boy NichLMAO.

Surrounded by the love of his fans, Jay Swingler, arrived for the event.

4 round in super middleweight.

The new Misfits king

Deen The Great se hizo de todas las tarjetas de los jueces (40-35) y se coronó campeón de Misfits Boxing al quitarle el invicto a Pully Arif.

Deen did it despite twice dislocating his shoulders five weeks ago.

In the ring is Deen The Great and Pully Ariv

Pre-main event will heat up the ring with the lightweight championship.

Upset of the night

Ashley Rak-Su rose to defeat King Kenny by split decision. The judges saw the fight 39-37 and 40-36 for Ash, 39-38 for King Kenny.

In cruiserweight

In a 4 round fight King Kenny vs. Ashley Rak-Su

Pineda Coladas are relentless

The Pineda Coladas forced the referee to stop the fight after two rounds over D Generation Ice. Never seen so many tags in a single fight.

Now it's the turn of tag team boxing

The Pineda Coladas (red corner) are going to confront the D Generation Ice (blue corner) 

And the new!

With her heart on the line and despite a bloody nose Wett was fierce in the fight with AJ Bunker and took the win by majority decision 29-28 and 29-28 Wett and 29-29. 
She is now the new fly queen of Misfits Boxing.

In a long-awaited fight

Astrid Wett vs. AJ Bunker for the Misfits Boxing Flyweight Title

Ginty put his last defeat behind him and did the job

"The Silly Boy" sent Ham to the canvas in the first round, and that's what tipped the scales in his favour. 
Ginty at the end of the three rounds took the judges' scorecards 30-27.

Second fight of the night

Halal Ham, the YT star, will fight with the TikTok king Ginty in a 3 round fight. 

Tempo Arts scored his second victory in boxing

The end of the fight came due to a dislocated shoulder by Godson. Tempo Arts took a quick victory 

Godson is in the house!

It's time for the fight and Godson turns up with a grim look on his face.

Where is Godson?

A few minutes have passed and Godson has not appeared. Is he playing with the mind of Tempo Arts?

It's time for the first fight of the night

In a 3 round fight, Tempo Arts will battle Godson. For Tempo, this night is part of a long road to losing weight. 

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