WrestleMania 39: Logan Paul delivers massive frog splash on KSI

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KSI PostFight_14012023 Misfits Boxing

It was a true WrestleMania moment for KSI and Logan Paul, but not in the manner they had intended.

Paul was competing in a match against Seth "Freakin" Rollins on Saturday to settle a long-running feud between the WWE superstars. Paul, the social media star who has crossed over into the boxing and professional wrestling worlds, was accompanied to the ring by a mascot in the form of a giant bottle of Prime, the energy drink he co-founded with KSI.

With the match often spilling outside the ring, the Prime mascot eventually got involved and revealed himself to be none other than KSI himself. With Rollins laid out on the announce table, KSI appeared to be recording the moment on his mobile phone while Paul climbed back into the ring and onto the top rope. As Paul prepared for a huge leap, Rollins leapt up and forced KSI onto the table, resulting in Paul's frog splash connecting on his friend and business partner.

Rollins would eventually win the match, after a spritied back-and-forth with Paul.

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