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Is Amir Khan about to make a boxing comeback by fighting again?

Is Amir Khan about to make a boxing comeback by fighting again?DAZN

Amir Khan is the latest fight to discuss a comeback bout and the former world champion is expecting an imminent announcement.  

Khan seemingly walked away from boxing in 2022 when he was beaten by Kell Brook and in the fight’s immediate aftermath he had to deal with an issue surrounding a failed drug test for the fight. 

One of British boxing’s biggest entertainers, Khan became a household name in 2004 when he took a silver medal at the Athens Olympics.  

As a professional, Khan enjoyed glory at home and abroad as he participated in a number of memorable fights against boxing's leading names, and it appears we could see him back in the ring. 

“I think there’s gonna be a massive announcement in the next week or so,” said Khan when speaking at a boxing event in Dubai. 

“I might be coming back in the ring again. I might be fighting again. It’s not gonna be a small fight, it’ll be like a super fight as well. 

“The deal was that big I couldn’t turn it down. So that’s why I’ll get myself back in the gym again, train again. It’ll be a massive fight. We’ve kept it very quiet at the moment.” 

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